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Recent content by Spaz

  1. Spaz

    Do not tolerate disrespect from anyone (read the bold if its too much)

    Look at how you turned out, but you are not alone, almost everyone here is obsessed with disrespect, and they feel mightily insulted. Look at how those mass shooters started out, it was from the perceived disrespect they got in life and felt so insulted. They fell into the wrong path. I'm...
  2. Spaz

    Do not tolerate disrespect from anyone (read the bold if its too much)

    Very good. If u r an efficient and effective man who constantly produces results, even ur enemies would admire you, quietly of course, but there's a form of respect that they will grant you. If u r not an effective and efficient man who constantly produces negative results, you can only cry...
  3. Spaz

    Do not tolerate disrespect from anyone (read the bold if its too much)

    When u disagree with someone else, then at least provide an alternative solution or an alternative argument. I thought u r a proponent for men to be men but somehow u sound like a girl who has nothing else to add but complain without substance. Come to think abt it, OP's written piece here is...
  4. Spaz

    I was right about topic I will not mention

    At this point, if yall still don't believe that covid exist or the effectiveness of wearing face masks, u r either trolling or an outright idiot.
  5. Spaz

    Do not tolerate disrespect from anyone (read the bold if its too much)

    Respect is earned by how u conduct urself and not as you suggested. As an example, Trump, even when he used to be a President he was often disrespected by his own people, why ? Now we take an example of Pope John Paul or even Queen Elizabeth, even if they hold less power then Trump, they're...
  6. Spaz

    Need your opinion

    Idiots do things they don't want to do and will suffer their whole life because they think it's needed or its their duty. Men who r geniuses, learns to do whats needed joyfully, and then they start to grow because they have a limitless way at looking at life.
  7. Spaz

    Covid is Ripping India Apart

    Come to think abt it, Dhaka is an even worst place, the miasma there will stick to ur skin even after taking a shower. MNC's would often transfer some of their executives down there for 6 months just as a form of punishment, to make em toe the line. I wonder what they're been doing to keep...
  8. Spaz

    Covid is Ripping India Apart

    Those buggers there piss and even shiet on staircase in buildings like wild dogs. It's not a one off thing, sadly it's commonplace. At least that's my experience when I was on a working visit there couple of years back. They're just dirty, some dirt culture that's been ongoing for centuries...
  9. Spaz

    Do any of you guys have interest in philosophy?

    So, i guess u r in a bind right now with not much of a future or somehow ur dreams got smashed and you can't find a way out of the mess u r in. This might be a convenient excuse to you, that everything was already planned out for you by nature and there's nothing you can do abt the failures in...
  10. Spaz

    Do any of you guys have interest in philosophy?

    And how exactly does this prove ur contention that freewill is not freewill but a set of programmes? What u subscribe to is best described as determinism or indeterminism, akin to what happens in nature and throughout the known universe, and somehow u applied this to human higher level of thoughts.
  11. Spaz

    Do any of you guys have interest in philosophy?

    Karl marx tried that and the commie states failed miserably, why ? Because men have free will, thats why.
  12. Spaz


    Exactly. Their job or purpose in life is just that, pray tell me, what else can they naturally excel in ? They're doing exactly what they're supposed to do. And what r u supposed to do as a man ?
  13. Spaz

    Are you guys gonna get the COVID vaccine shot?

    There's only 2 choices when it comes to covid 19, either u get infected or get vaccinated, there's no in-between until herd immunity is achieved worldwide. If u feel very comfortable with ur own expert scientific assessment that u WILL SURVIVE covid 19 with a 100% certainty - then u don't need...
  14. Spaz

    Do any of you guys have interest in philosophy?

    Freewill is a higher level activity that can't be captured nor explained away by merely stating genetics or a few videos supporting ur views. The formulation i gave u previously clearly states a conscious choice one makes on a variety of possibilities - that choice alone is freewill.
  15. Spaz

    In October I was living in a van. Last month I billed a client $17,000.

    If you know that there's gold right at the top of the hill overlooking ur house but you don't have the luxury to buy a shovel, nor experience to dig or even how to climb a hill, what would u do ? Will u remain fixated with ur circumstances? Or will you do anything possible to get up to that...