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Recent content by Spaz

  1. Spaz

    Girl I'm seeing called me out for living with parents....

    Next time any women asks you why u r staying at ur mom's or why u r driving an old Benz, just say because you can. And if she still continues, tell her, she can either follow you or leave right now, either way you don't mind. Remember, as a man in a relationship, u r the boss. A boss doesn't...
  2. Spaz

    Why do men on sosuave want to get married?

    He has willingly bought over the feminine narratives, lock, stock and barrel. Plenty of men are being raised to think so. But even if you were told or raised in such a manner, even if you want to desperately believe it, hope for it, deep down as you try to sleep, you know you couldn't because...
  3. Spaz

    Why do men on sosuave want to get married?

    It's not all men, a subset of men, yes. Depends on their inherent personality. Those of you that's naturally passive like @LARaiders85 or @mrgoodstuff yearns for female company, they have boundless love to give out but will receive lesser then they hope for, since no women is capable to...
  4. Spaz

    BRACE YOURSELF - invasion on November, 2020

    The entire premise of this thread smells, sounds and even looks like bull.... shiet. Goes to show how deliciously delusional many of you men here. Delicious because if I'm a politician, you'd all be my target audience - gullible people are always delightfully delicious to manipulate. I'd be...
  5. Spaz

    Why do men on sosuave want to get married?

    Hahaha, that's a good one. And maybe because they need validation, to fit in.
  6. Spaz

    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    To the guys here who keeps on harping abt racism. Explain this to me, 1. Why aren't black kids graduating from high-school? 2. Why do 70% of black women end up as single mom's ? 3. Why are cases of black kids shooting each other significantly higher then other races? 4. Why are 13% of the...
  7. Spaz

    Knowing what ur WhatsApp text messages means - by women.

    Some guys might be absolutely clueless when girls send off simple yet meaningful msg via text. This might help you. Here's a few and others could chip in too. 1. Good morning and good night texts = girl has a crush on you, she might not even know it or she's directly hinting it to you, either...
  8. Spaz

    Do You Wear A Mask?

    When a man is the cause of tremendous pain to others but then blames others for what he has caused, that is the very definition of evil. Remember my words because at the very end of ur life, one way or the other, you will be judged, either by ur own consciousness, by others or by God.
  9. Spaz

    Who here would like to live in the past?

    It all starts from a dream, of wanting something, that's life. Without that dream, there can be no life.
  10. Spaz

    Who here would like to live in the past?

    No doubt we will move on to other worlds, its the nature of virus to find another host.
  11. Spaz

    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    Only 4 obvious racist in this entire thread, 3 blacks and 1 white, who keeps on harping abt their level of melanin. Sorry buddy, as for Asians, specifically in SEA, there's millions of blacks here, we're been together with them for thousands of years.
  12. Spaz

    Who here would like to live in the past?

    A virus is a living entity and so are we. We are by far the most successful virus the earth has ever seen, maybe too successful for earth's own well-being. However I do believe, as we evolve further, our mindsets would change in tandem with that growth and we as a species can only grow further.
  13. Spaz

    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    Racism is purely rooted in fear and then repackaged into something else, one of them is as you said. All these white pride or black pride or whatever pride, despite their constant and continuous roarings, are just cowards who cleverly masks their deep seated insecurities. If a man is...
  14. Spaz

    article: Why PUA ultimately failed

    Napoleon is a brilliant tactician but he was a needy man that desires love - which is what turns off women. The cat doesn't want a willing mouse to chase, it wants to experience the thrill of the chase, that's how women are. All a man's gotta do is be that mouse. But what makes a man into...
  15. Spaz

    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    The Muslims in either Thailand or the PH are fighting an ideological war, in that they want Islamic laws to prevail, as in with Mindanao and Southern Thailand bordering Malaysia. But then Muslims are fighting in almost every country because of this ideology - so called God's law, with chopping...