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Recent content by soulforge

  1. soulforge

    Is This The Most Informative Red Pill Podcast Of All Time?

    Me for one, seriously enjoyed this and it was packed with Red Pill gems!
  2. soulforge

    Being masculine doesn’t work lol

    I just came in to say.. LOL
  3. soulforge

    Dating Lessons you've learnt the HARD way?

    If you are 5ft7 or 5ft8... No problem.. Hit the gym, get jacked and muscular.. problem solved
  4. soulforge

    Now Superman is bisexual

  5. soulforge

    Do you listen to music while training

    Melodic Techno Every Time
  6. soulforge

    I’m 5’8 and intimidated of hot girls taller than me,Still..

    I'm 5ft8 and have banged several girls taller than me. One chick was nearly 6ft.. however I am quite muscular, so often girls will overlook the height, as I have the big arms, chest etc. That being said, I tend to approach girls my own height or shorter.. rarely approach taller girls. And...
  7. soulforge

    Wanna see another example proving The Wall is real?

    I was trying to bang a girl early part of this year.. However 6 months in and she got FAT The Wall is ruthless!
  8. soulforge

    Did I f8ck up ?

    She havn't banged this girl yet, so I wouldn't let it rattle you. To be honest man, these even one flake is enough for me to right her off and move onto the next one. That simple.
  9. soulforge

    Girl left her IG signed into my phone

    Exactly disgraceful level of disrespect.. OP been going down on that chick when she had a wide variety of Chad jizz inside of her.. And then the kissing. OP needs to get tested for STD. What makes matters much worse is, op being spending money on this cvm dumpster. That's just crazy!
  10. soulforge

    Girl left her IG signed into my phone

    You been simping hard there son.. You paid full price for a car that has very high mileage. Few lessons for you to learn here.. 01.If a girl is cheating on her boyfriend with you.. Don't be surprised if she fuks you over too, it's just a matter of time. 02. Stop simping & spending money on...
  11. soulforge

    Girl left her IG signed into my phone

    Girls these days who use online apps are sweet and innocent, they tend to get nervous about dating. Maybe she got a little nervous & accidently took all those c0cks! You do realise when you have been going down on her & eating her puzzy, you been cleaning up after 2-3 other dudes? I would get...
  12. soulforge

    When She Is Nervous About The Date, She Will Flake!

    Again beta mentality from this poster. Anyone with an ounce of common sense realises that Monday to Friday tends to be a working week, for the vast majority of the population. This means 8-10 hours of work, travel, going to the gym, eating healthy, cooking meals & getting a good amount of...
  13. soulforge

    When She Is Nervous About The Date, She Will Flake!

    I fuk girls on a weekend & I focus on making money & keeping in good shape during the week. Pretty healthy balanced lifestyle if you ask me. Where as it seems to me, that you make woman the centre of your life.. You skip gym (your health) for the sake of meeting a girl in the hope you might...
  14. soulforge

    When She Is Nervous About The Date, She Will Flake!

    I am convinced you are drunk or high.. Or both at the same time, with a slight sprinkle of delusion. Your clearly missing the point.. Serial daters men or women are hardened to the hook up lifestyle and rarely do nervous to the degree where they are scared to meet up. Your now trolling or your...