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Recent content by soulforge

  1. soulforge

    I was the rebound guy, What can I do now?

    The fact that you described this as a "Beautiful Relationship" only 3 months in.. Is where you went wrong. You are young and will meet plenty more women, so just focus on that. Also cut out the emotional talk with females and work on self improvement.. In 3-4 months time you will be seeing...
  2. soulforge

    Thoughts on this plate she likes me wants ltr/ idmitted to having feelings / she tried manipulation power play /i told her off and went on a rant

    Yeh u kinda furked up the moment she dumped you & like a thirsty dog needing his bone, you invited her over.. She knew right there and then that you are weak. Knowing how weak you are & how badly you want the sex, she felt confident enough to refuse you any sex & even toy with you. In her mind...
  3. soulforge

    I might have gotten the rona

    Don't listen to this fool.. His selfishness & idocity will get you killed. Do you really want to end up ill or in ICU on the advice of some keyboard warrior on a forum? If you wear a mask you could be protecting others, even if you don't care about yourself. One of the sure ways to know that...
  4. soulforge

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    And the earth is flat you dumb azz
  5. soulforge

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    You have done the right thing... In the UK we are having a good summer.. People are flocking to the bars, pubs and breaches. Symptoms of covid-19 can develop within 12-14 days or so.. Yet our infection rate is low and death rate hasn't spiked. How could it possibly be that people are ignoring...
  6. soulforge

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    I am not talking about lock down and restrictions here.. That could go on for years as the governments have an agenda. I am talking 3 months in terms of how deadly the virus will be? In the UK we are seeing a reduction in positive cases.. Also we have had literally thousands of people in the...
  7. soulforge

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    You just don't get it man... This thing fuks you and has a strong chance of making you ill for the rest of your life. How is staying at home for 3-4 months and not having sex, worse than damaged lungs and brain damage
  8. soulforge

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    I'm sure every young dude who caught it and didn't make it.. Said those same words too. I doubt it is little chance. Like you said yourself, you have been banging skanks.. How is a condom going to protect you against covid? Are you going to be wearing it over your head.
  9. soulforge

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    That release might release you from this world.
  10. soulforge

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    Yes she will take that risk to meet you & like you said, she probably isn't taking covid-19 seriously. Which suggests that she is probably taking risks on a regular basis. Knowing all this.. My question is, why are you willing to meet a female this careless? You're taking quite the risk.
  11. soulforge

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    I hope you don't die over that puzzy man!
  12. soulforge

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    Obviously with this virus currently fukin with us.. Dating & meeting woman now comes with its risks. That being side.. I am getting a ton of matches from dating apps, and a bunch of these woman are quite literally gagging to be banged. I am someone who recently recovered from CV19.. And I can...
  13. soulforge

    cold approaching waste of time

    In 2020... Cold approach? Forget about it. Complete waste of time.