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Recent content by sosousage

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    why fapping feels so good

    are you from nofapp clan ?
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    How should I proceed with this girl ? I'm a newbie.

    you have to pretend youre a tiger and do WRRRRRR at her (make sounds) and she will catch the hint if she pretends she didnt catch the hint then it means youre not handsome enough for her
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    When I was young a friend pushed me into female teacher and nearby male teacher attacked me

    Friend pushed me into teacher because he wasnt seeing her, or so i think, its his fault anyway But what the male teacher did was worse. Basically hr coffee ended on her clothes and the male cuckold teacher did this to me: i didnt fug him up back then because no confidence and I thought this...
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    I have really big depression

    its related to my poor lifestyle and coffee addiction and also other mental issues it makes me feel weird Like not a part of this world anymore, more like a ghost
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    why fapping feels so good

    i gues you could say that but if you dont fap you will sooner or later spend lot of time chasing women, which may be worse than depreion
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    why fapping feels so good

    you just dont know how to fap to make it better than secks
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    why fapping feels so good

    fapping is good because its just 5min and no woman needed x) in fact i think fapping is better than sex
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    This Dude Is Banging Twin Sisters!

    they rather share chad than have ugly bf
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    I wanna f my therapist

    yeah they consider their patients as weaker and dumber. just LMAO at you OP you could only pull it off if you didnt lower your value too much in her eyes and were handsome and all that chit
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    i find it weird that people have energy to be extraverted and active

    exactly extroverts r like if theyre alone then they dont know what to do with themselves
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    i find it weird that people have energy to be extraverted and active

    true but they were beaten by chad true my friends wonder how can I enjoy coding its so boring to them but creating things this way actually gives me dopamine
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    i find it weird that people have energy to be extraverted and active

    i see this each day even now i hear some guys behind my window talking about some meaningless fluff and they even do it enthusiastically and women.. all women have this kind of energy, its like almost all women are extrovert
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    Do you think this chick is a tranny?

    so you are into trannies? so you are gaey then?
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    my mom weights 15kg less than me but walks like huge elephant

    High-functioning autism is not an official medical diagnosis. It's often used to refer to people with autism spectrum disorder who read, write, speak, and manage life skills without much assistance so thats compliment??? complimenting my independence???? thanks i guess