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Recent content by Solomon

  1. Solomon

    Women Have Infinite Options

    The reality is 80% of single women will try online dating at one point or another I use to see beautiful women on OLD sites and some of them I knew and once I saw women I knew it all made sense I.e. CC riders, slvts, picky women etc Beautiful women don't need OLD unless they don't know how to...
  2. Solomon

    Women Have Infinite Options

    So according to your logic no one should be getting married In my city over 36% of people over the age of 15 are married The reality is not every woman can get the top 1% guy Eventually women are left with 2 options, 1 marry 2 continue to ride the CC or be alone
  3. Solomon

    Women Have Infinite Options

    The guy they don't really like has to take her out to dinner a few times Has to "woo" her and be romantic And he will be lucky to sniff her panties much less get a HJ by the 4th date Meanwhile The "Alpha" (or the guy she really desires) doesn't have to do any of that and gets to pump away with...
  4. Solomon

    Girl left her IG signed into my phone

    Damn you must be IN LA, NY or Miami that's the norm down there Sounds to me your catching feelings...for a used cumrag
  5. Solomon

    Women Have Infinite Options

    Not sure how you didn't get it maybe I didn't make myself clear Nor was I insulting you hence I put the (no shade) in there What I'm saying is, it's super easy for women to get sex, even undesirable women have more options than a top tier dude. Hence I brought up my former 46 year old neighbor...
  6. Solomon

    Women Have Infinite Options

    I have a buddy of mine, great guy very smart but when it comes to women he just uses the wrong head Within 5 years he's been married divorced, and now has 2 children by 2 different women the stress has caused him to gain 70 pounds The part that kills me is, its like he has giving up(child...
  7. Solomon

    Women Have Infinite Options

    Women can get sex at command even the ugliest ones, you of all people should know this (no shade) I remember a former neighbor 46 years old build like a tub of lard and with a frog face (plus with purple hair to boot) She always had a boyfriend usually around 6'3, 220, in great shape, ripped...
  8. Solomon

    Women Have Infinite Options

    The fact that anyone would match with that is beyond me, and this is coming from a black men Life is much better when you level I still got some weight to lose making more than ever and I'm currently spinning LMFAO hell no co-habitation is a no-no can she spend the night? if sure can she...
  9. Solomon

    Women Have Infinite Options

    Yet 1 out of 3 men are sexless and the rise of MGTOW and Blackpill prove this While the title was clickbait the average woman has more option than the average man
  10. Solomon

    Women Have Infinite Options

    ^^guy gets 100s of messages using a "female filter" smh We have seen this before however the modern thirst in men is surreal 1 out of 3 men not having any sex(probably 2 out of 3) is getting worse solution? level up! get in a high quality social circle, travel (outside of the country get a...
  11. Solomon

    Female promiscuity is good and bad

  12. Solomon

    Chads are so rare they're irrelevant

    Chad's use to be called F-boys F-boys use to be called Players and so on There are some guys that fit the list do they look like a certain type? in a lot of cases they do If you think I'm "Capping" go to Miami, NYC, LA etc
  13. Solomon

    What redflags did you ignore?

    Recent chick I dated -30+ living at her parents home -Didn't offer to pay for the 2nd date, did cook on the 3rd date -Emotional trauma from her ex-husband who supposedly was a weedhead bum and didn't work for 5 years -she supported him for 5 years and they had to move back with her parents...
  14. Solomon

    Female promiscuity is good and bad

    I know a girl like this She is decent looking a 6.5/7 But she is always partying and going out and has been known to hook with girls and men she burned herself out in the social circle because she literally slept with every guy always getting "flewed" out with every guy
  15. Solomon

    Alpha Male strategies Doesn't know what his talking about

    His advice isn't for everyone just like my advice isn't for everyone take the meat and spit out the bones bro