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Recent content by slaog

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    Friend's gf broke it off because he won't get better job

    Its no coincidence that you're arguing in favour of the women who favour rich men while most of us are not rich and arguing against that. Most people believe in whatever suits them best. Doesn't the highlighted part go against everything ths forum teaches? You're saying shes using you for...
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    Friend's gf broke it off because he won't get better job

    So in other words you wouldn't mind your woman running off with a wealthier man!?
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    Starting to think solo is best!

    OP, did you try to help your friends out with some advise? Most will probably ignore it but you never know it might work with some of them.
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    Im 30 and live with my parents (how sad is this)

    I don't see the big deal of living at home. It seems to be seen as negative in the USA but in other countries its nothing unusual.
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    2 big things almost everyone here is missing

    So its ok to fight over a woman?
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    2 big things almost everyone here is missing

    I'm not sure about competing with other men to get women. If you have a high value mindset you know you're going to be attractive to women. Competing for women sounds AFC. I'd like to hear others views on it.
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    Its very important. Most successful people do it as a habit so get into the habit of it.
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    I have had a girlfriend for 3 years, and now she wants to F*@K other guys!

    She would be the one causing the destruction. You didn't do the act she did. And why did she tell you about it? It doesn't seem to be a big secret!
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    I have had a girlfriend for 3 years, and now she wants to F*@K other guys!

    Well, shes just revealed that she wants to "live". In other words go out and end up in some strangers room where and open her legs. She mentions Spain but the reason people talk about doing things like that out foreign is because they can get away with it there easily. She'd do it where she...
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    Society is fvcked

    I've no problem with that because I've nothing to hide. If you want to believe that you can. I already answered that. If a fathers daughter came home with a guy then its likely he'd want to investigate who the guy is. Is that because he got hurt by another daughters boyfriend or is it...
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    Society is fvcked

    In his eyes shes a skank. Just because you don't mind womens past it doesn't mean everyone else should. He only found out about her by doing some detective work. Where does this idea come from that checking somebody out its a defensive thing that AFC's do. Its something anybody with a...
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    Society is fvcked

    Society is fvcked up in many places alright. The media pump propaganda into the minds of everybody to dumb down society and make people weak. Weak people have a victim mentality and make excuses for their low standard behaviour. His suspicions were proved correct. What would be...
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    Why the sudden spike in interest from her?

    You might be going a tiny bit OTT which was why she got the payer vibe. It doesn't matter anyway because you're given her good feelings. ;) Shes yours now just don't change when you get her. Play it cool and stay cool.
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    How do i feel better about myself?

    Yeah, change your thinking. Theres more to people than what they look like. List all the good things in your life, learn them off and start appreciating everything good. People take most things for granted ie have food, a bed, roof over their head etc.