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Recent content by Skunstar

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    The riddle

    Roger that
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    The riddle

    Well i do talk to few girls (she seems to be the most into me, to be honest) but i do understand your point. When I wrote this post i was just curious what, if anything happen with her to understand girls behaviour more. Obviously i wouldnt want a guy to do sh*t like this to me but this already...
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    The riddle

    Well so youre saying forget about sutaution and carry on?
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    The riddle

    i did talk to her but she started a conversation today I cannot translate conversation I am from Hungary.
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    The riddle

    Ok. I really like the way you explained it and i afgree with you. I just do not understand one thing. You wrote that i should not be cold when she is. Isnt that giving free attention and acting as a desperate person? Second thing, today at work during our conversation she was doing sex...
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    The riddle

    Hello A couple of weeks ago I started to talk to one girl at work. She is currently in a relationship. However, while I was talking with her current boyfriend stated that this relationship is pointless. She said something similar. So, I started casually talking with her at work. From my...
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    Do any of you wish you could have a certain ex back?

    What is about her that you cannot stop thinking about her?
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    There is one girl who I know for many years. We went to the same primary school, recently due to her FB relations I realized she lives close to me. We have never been close, however, we have just a brief conversation. I am not too sure how should I start it “for real”. Should I connect it...
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    girls asking to buy you drinks?

    Since this conversation is about buying drinks i got a question. If girl asks you to pay for dinner/drink whats ur response? Not to become too rude ? Or how do you ask her to go 50/50 ? Straigh questuion sounds stupid for me
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    3 months after

    Well thats even worse story than mine. I am suprised how women do splitups. There are no rules or morality - it is terrible. Luckily for me,I work in place where there are many women so i am trying to do small talk. Still struggle to show them my sexual intentions but doing my best :D @edit I...
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    3 months after

    I am not saying that you are wrong but for me it was hearbreaking plus fact the way she did handle that was disgusting. It was eye-openining moment for me. I lost most of money and stuff i was working for last couple of years.
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    3 months after

    After my girlfriend broke up with me, which I described here (https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/problematic-breakup.267064/) I went quiet and focused on myself. So here I am, nearly 3 months later, feeling much better. One thing which I cannot overcome is the fact that she took all my stuff...
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    Covid and girl issues

    I agree with you Glassguy but all of pubs, restaurants are closed. And i have not asked any girl to go with me just for a walk in years :D
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    "I'm looking for a BF and need him a lot! ><"

    where i can find dj bible?
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    Covid and girl issues

    :D ok