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Recent content by SirBigBell

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    Healthy Foods on budget

    I think the brother is Australian or at least is based in Aus
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    Healthy Foods on budget

    Good piece there. Fantastic
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    Discussion: Who cheats more, men or women

    Women have far more opportunities to cheat because of the endless supply of thirsty men, more-so now in this social media age. Men however cheat more because they by nature are the hunters.
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    Confused she 'friendzones' me but comes to my house - enlighten me

    It sounds like she is just shyt testing you. Most men will show signs of annoyance if a woman insinuates that sex is off the table.She is attracted to you, so roll with it and let her come over to your house. Give her “friendly” hugs, pats on the back etc, basically light kino that can easily...
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    HB7.5 The Ideal Girlfriend?

    I think your scale description here should be the benchmark. You nailed it
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    Girl Loses All Interest AFTER I Make Her Cvm

    She was pursuing with do much energy and intent that I never for a minute imagined she’d pull the stunt she did. My level of attraction towards her was average at best, so she wasnt anywhere near the top of my hit list, for me to invite her to mine. Besides, I was a bit tentative about fvcking a...
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    Girl Loses All Interest AFTER I Make Her Cvm

    A similar thing happened to me some years ago. A girl I worked with was into me but I wasnt that much into her. After a few unsuccessful attempts at getting me to fvck her, she finally invited me over to her house one night as her mum and dad were away for the weekend. Drove up to her place and...
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    Does Anyone Else Hate Eating a Girl Out?

    To be honest ive never been comfortable with the short distance between the puzzy and the azzhole. No eating for me
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    Rant: Don't Leave the Door Open w/ the B!tch

    Ranting is good and healthy, because it opens the pressure vulve. Now, while the points you raise are all valid and solid, and have regularly been echoed here through the years; I feel that they need to have rounded edges to be fully productively embraceable. I will attempt to provide that...
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    Kali Muscle Almost Died - The REAL Reason Why

    Kali has been dodging the elephant in the room for years, until now. Im glad that this near-miss has shaken him to come clean and educate those who looked up to him, especially the young ones.
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    The Confession Thread

    For as long as I can remember, Ive always preferred big girls to mediums and slims. At a push I might accept an offer from a medium, but a slim is a no for me. Bending a big girl over and spreading her meaty cheeks apart brings out the Michael Jordan in me.
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    Leonardo Dicaprio meets Jeff Bezos's new gf

    Watching this has hurt every fibre in my body. Damn!!! I would rather chew wire than be in this position. Fvck!!
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    What's Wrong with Wearing Shoe Lifts/Elevator Shoes?

    If you are wearing them for yourself then i dont see a problem with it. If however you are wearing them for women then you may be in for disappointment. Technically its misrepresentation, in that you are fooling the eye to believe you are taller than you are. A female may select you on that...
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    The real problem why most men struggle with dating....

    Hahaha This post just killed me man lol. Nice one Soupman!!
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    Man punches woman, men standing around do nothing

    Totally agree with you. You nailed it