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Recent content by Shrubber101

  1. Shrubber101

    BRACE YOURSELF - invasion on November, 2020

    A good one my friend. They'll use me as a stud to breed.... probably....
  2. Shrubber101

    BRACE YOURSELF - invasion on November, 2020

    I'd like to it to be known to our future alien overlords that I will happily serve them and do their bidding if they spare my life.
  3. Shrubber101

    Blackpill: Is wearing a mask making you feel better because women treat you better?

    My lower third is the best part of my face. If I wore a mask I'd probably look like a rapist.
  4. Shrubber101

    GF weight issues

    Women will go either two ways when they're fat and you're getting in shape. They'll either step up and get their arse in gear or dig their heels in and keep eating the pastries. Just let nature take its course. If she carries on, you'll eventually stray and/or break up with her. It comes down to...
  5. Shrubber101

    Do you approach girls while wearing these face masks?

    This is so sad. Is anyone really expecting to have any kind of real human interaction any more while people are wearing masks? Grow some balls. Stop wearing a mask and be a man.
  6. Shrubber101

    Do You Wear A Mask?

    Guess you're clueless then...
  7. Shrubber101

    Do You Wear A Mask?

    Please enlighten me.
  8. Shrubber101

    Do You Wear A Mask?

    I'm not talking about wading around in ****e and drinking dirty water. I'm talking about what you've been happily doing your whole life up until a few weeks ago which is allowing yourself to be exposed to normal background levels of pathogens. I'll ask again: the twice yearly flu pandemic that...
  9. Shrubber101

    Do You Wear A Mask?

    Your adaptive immune system needs constant exposure to pathogens for it to work effectively. Wearing a mask is going to reduce that effect. People breathing, coughing, sneezing etc help boost your immune system aswell as touching your face and eyes etc. Mask will however increase your own risk...
  10. Shrubber101

    Do You Wear A Mask?

    And in the meantime your immune system will become weaker and weaker.
  11. Shrubber101

    "Take out the trash"-type nagging

  12. Shrubber101

    Do You Wear A Mask?

    Never. I won't be muzzled. Also makes me the most alpha and the best looking guy in any shop I go into by default.
  13. Shrubber101

    COVID is a lie.

    Yes meant to say 1%. The media don't come up with the numbers. They use the figures they get from their various sources so the numbers wouldn't change whether they talk about it or not.
  14. Shrubber101

    COVID is a lie.

    The CDC https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html
  15. Shrubber101

    COVID is a lie.

    Havd you been informed by other people then? Actual people that is,as opposed to the media. They didnt have Fox, BBC,SKY etc during the spanish flu but everyone knew about it because everyone had been affected by it. Only a virus with less than 0% fatality rate needs constant media...