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  1. SeymourCake

    Cleared it with the mods! A thread I’ve wanted to do for years. Post your real life picture let the community help fix your looks!(completely optiona)

    Hang off a pull up bar with your toes touching the floor. This decompresses the spine, specifically in the lumbar region. Then do the hyperextension or cobra pose in yoga. Do this for four sets each. Your bulged disc should go back to place in a month if it's done consistently on a monthly...
  2. SeymourCake

    Do guys get intimidated by high end HBs and avoid them?

    No women gets special treatment because of their looks. How you perceive an ugly fat girl is the same way you perceive a hot model. Men who avoid hot women are subconsciously placing them on a pedastal and think they are not worthy of them.
  3. SeymourCake

    Nof@ppers have it backwards

    To answer your first question, yes. The Zionist occupied government has provided Israel a total 143.1 billion of American tax dollars since 1948 when the Jewish State of Israel was recognized by the United Nations. Under the terms of the MOU passed by Trump, the United States pledges to...
  4. SeymourCake


    They control both sides. Jews vote democrat because they push communist policies. Communism is a Jewish ideology. On the other hand, other Jews vote republican because Republicans love Israel more than they do their own country. Republicans are Zionists. Democrats are Communist. One party...
  5. SeymourCake

    prostitute felt in love with chad - reddit

    Getting paid hourly isn't enough for her. She wants to be his full time sugar baby and extract more resources.
  6. SeymourCake

    Nof@ppers have it backwards

    xHamster is threaten by NoFap Apparently not watching porn and jerking off to it makes you antisemitic.
  7. SeymourCake

    Nof@ppers have it backwards

    Jews are usually extreme left, but they like to play both sides of the political extreme to control both sides of the narrative. After all, it was them that invented communism that resulted in the famine throughout Russia and Ukraine that led to 20 million Christians starving to death. This...
  8. SeymourCake

    Nof@ppers have it backwards

    They don't follow the Torah. Rabbis interpret the Torah and wrote it down in the Talmud (also known as the Scribes of Pharisees). They follow the Talmud where it says it's okay to rape a three year old girl. Why would I accuse the Jews of running the porn industry? Because they do.
  9. SeymourCake

    Nof@ppers have it backwards

    I read a study a while ago that gorillas that weren’t the silverback would jerk off as the silverback gorilla in the pack would mate with the female gorillas. That’s essentially what porn is. You're jerking off to some guy banging a woman you’d want. To take it a step further, it’s not...
  10. SeymourCake

    Bupropion for depression

    Stay away from psychiatric drugs at all costs. Your doctor is not a friend. They are salesman for the pharmaceutical industry. Once you experience a side effect, your doctor who you trust a lot will prescribe you another medication to counteract the side effects which in turn will give you...
  11. SeymourCake


    For someone who has a high IQ, you sure know how to spell. When did I ever claim to "hate"?
  12. SeymourCake


    So you admit that they’re in power. Congratulations, you’ve just admitted my point.