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Recent content by sexymanman

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    How many have you laid?

    Ive averaged 17 girls a week over the past 6 months. That's just over 2 a day.
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    Banging tons of women with no condom

    I'm thinking of just trying to get as many women pregnant as possible. Have to bang them raw dog. People I know won't be happy. Don't know what the amount of money I will be forced to pay. If I have 20 kids to all different mothers that would be awesome. People I know will hate me but who gives...
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    Top Reasons Why You Rn't Getting Laid According To Sosousage

    I'm hotter than both. Girls love it when I *** on their face.
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    Woman making it easy.

    I would of asked her if she ever had a guy *** on her face. I would of being pushing for that.
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    3 years. Still not over her

    **** man I don't know how you feel. I just wanna *** on different girls faces and jerk of to porn.
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    My Porn Theory

    Porn is better for you than casual sex. Feels better too. If you wanna be cuck and get a gf then go ahead. I will keep on jerking off to porn and cuming on girls faces in real life. Safe cumming rules. Going out to clubs also is awesome. Preparing to go is great. Gym work, dieting, haircuts back...
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    Need help with this situation.

    Go and kiss her when she looks at you like that. Lead to sex. You gotta be aware if she's feeling uncomfortable and keep her feeling comfortable enough. But kiss her straight of the bat for the experience.
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    Newbie here

    I Like dates where we are making out or she's grinding on my **** or jerking me off. Less talking and more of that. With the room mate situation they need to be player friendly themselves. When I had roommates they actually egged me on and brought girls over for me. Even some family members of...
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    A lady being recommended to me! Advice needed.

    Don't tell her straight away. Tell some other funny **** get her giggling then joke about sexual ****. Tell her you wish you could suck your own **** then you wouldn't need women. Again it has to come across as comedy. Watch some comedy by yourself and even with this girl. That's a great date. I...
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    A lady being recommended to me! Advice needed.

    Be confident. You gotta be a player at least in your mind. I recommend you jerk off to porn on pornhub at least twice a day to get you in the player mindset. That's something you can tell her that you do. It's gotta come across as a joke but it's really true. Don't take anything she says seriously.
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    Using a wingman on OLD?

    Hit the clubs man
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    Too good to be true

    Don't use money to get women unless you wanna give them money and a lot if you got a lot. You should be able to get women based on how you carry yourself. Become a player.
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    Friend-zoned, and nothing changed?

    I would keep talking to her until you have no time to talk to her anymore. You should be out now looking for girls to bang. So you don't have any time to talk to her.
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    Getting a job

    I haven't worked for over 2 years. have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I'm tired a lot of the time. Really all I do is study poker. I love poker. Its my passion. I mostly play tournaments online and and in real life and had some success with the real life tournaments. I decided to stop since...
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    People touching my head

    No The gay guy didn't rub my head. It was other guys that just walked off after they did it