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  • never fumble the bag, a woman who wants to open her legs for you without any effort is a gift. if you drop the ball on that opportunity, it wont come knockin twice. in fact, its a good way to piss a woman off and have someone else stuffin her stockin while u get left on read

    Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Incompatibility can happen at any moment, doesn't mean you're fumbling anything.
    When kickin game to a square, never make it seem easy -- They wont be receptive to what you're kickin cuz cognitive dissonance will tell them "well if its so easy, why havent i had any success". always take it back to inner game. focus on their inner game and ways they can work on it. Focus on their strengths not their weaknesses.
    Discipline is the greatest tool a man can forge. With Discipline, you avoid temptations, and always make moves toward success in your endeavors.
    Dating, Sex and Lust is the Devils Game. If you aren't wicked, this game just isn't for you. Everyone wants to live these glorified lifestyles but deep down inside their softer than cookie dough and cupcakes. If you don't excel at sex, or some sinful debauchery, such as the ability to manipulate people, there will always be women who will have your heart on a platter.
    There are 3 categories of women. Women who are normal, and have had good healthy upbringings, Women who are damaged since a young age (These are the ones that turn into hoes), and Women who are normal and had healthy upbringings but fell for the lusts of life after being hurt or turned out by dudes who opened the doors of sexual pleasure and drugs and or lavish lifestyles too them.
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