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Recent content by SargeMaximus

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    Your woman can cheat and still love and respect you?

    No worries. I guess things haven’t changed in my absence :P
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    Why do women troll?

    So there’s a woman who asked the most irrelevant question of me on my Twitter so I’m like “what do you mean?” Before I know it, she’s playing power games trying to frame it as I have to explain myself to her “which of course I don’t” anyhow I just told her to gtfo with her power games. But what...
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    Do you ever drop hints on a date to a woman that you have plenty of other options?

    I’ve tried this but it seems to get them to auto eject rather than be more interested. Likewise when I have multiple women on the go, it becomes harder to attract women
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    Why do you think opposing LGBT is such a "Taboo" topic in the West, when in other societies is quite normal?

    I argue it was always there just that women are more likely to adhere to social norms. When it became normal, they allowed themselves to be what they already were
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    Potential fwb wants to see other guys

    I agree with you here for sure
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    Men afraid to approach?

    Not afraid, I overcame my AA after my hundreds of approaches. But it’s just not wanting to waste time. I know it won’t go anywhere. Never did no matter what pua advice I tried
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    Potential fwb wants to see other guys

    Is that aimed at me? My rule isn’t for them it’s for me
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    Potential fwb wants to see other guys

    Maybe I’m the simp in the room but my rule is simple: fwbs can (they do anyways guys, hate to break it to you) see other guys, gfs can’t.
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    How does THIS end up with this?

    Yeah I’m seeing more and more females with beta providers. It’s the economy imo
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    Debunking the Cheap Date myth

    This is hilarious