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  1. samspade

    Im not focused on females. Or gaming females at all.

    "Brainwashed" is not the right term. Most men here can think for themselves and aren't being force fed information. I've never followed PUAs or their marketing. The truth is I'm pretty ignorant of all the PUA material out there. I have read some of the classic red pill blogs, but mostly stuck to...
  2. samspade

    Age-Specific Social Events: Crashing the Party?

    What sort of events are these that have age limits? I say just go and see what happens.
  3. samspade

    Women that need to be avoided at all costs.

    Avoid any woman who's traveled to China in the past three months.
  4. samspade

    Im not focused on females. Or gaming females at all.

    Haha, thanks. I was being tongue-in-cheek about going downhill. People are always saying "Sosuave has gone downhill, it's not the place it was." Nobody ever stops to think that maybe they've changed. The ego part of it is, well, it's the whole thing. You're right, it's the first part of the...
  5. samspade

    Im not focused on females. Or gaming females at all.

    That's funny, I almost started a similar thread. I've never been more thrilled about life nor more disinterested in women. When you're locked in on your purpose and your goals, that's all that really matters. I've restructured my life, career, and hobbies the past 2 years and am now reaping the...
  6. samspade

    Girls just stop texting

    You should have been having fun with your friends, not worrying about her texts.
  7. samspade

    Going on a cruise with my ex

    Cruises are sketchy. I'd feel safer on a plane with one dead engine than on a cruise ship.
  8. samspade

    Field report coming in

    When biggoal is ripping your age limits you know you're dating too old.
  9. samspade

    Cola's pic thread got me thinking

    /Edit I had a reply typed, but ah, thought better of it.
  10. samspade

    What happened to sazc?

    There are no girls on the internet.
  11. samspade

    Where to meet women after college?

    Where to meet women after college? At college.
  12. samspade

    Russia helping Bernie's campaign?

    I hadn't, but either way it blows. I'm not surprised as it's similar to the cable and ISP industries. Lack of choice. Nevertheless I would like to see a safety net for the poor/uninsured that's straightforward. I respect the opinion that it's socialist/redistribution and not everyone wants...
  13. samspade

    Russia helping Bernie's campaign?

    I'm totally fine with chipping in to a nationwide pot to pay for a safety net for the poor and/or uninsured. I can afford it. If this is "socialist" then every service provided by government is socialist. Besides, in the U.S. system you're already paying for it in your premiums. Every time an...
  14. samspade

    Ex Contacted Me, Should I Igonre her?

    On the other hand, she had a tremendous singing voice...
  15. samspade

    Why are brunettes being promoted as the beauty standard these days?

    Wonder Woman has always been a brunette. If you want a blond, try Supergirl. Pretty simple fix.