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Recent content by Ridingthelightning

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    Why do my buddys always go home alone?

    Wrong! It is not additive.
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    I need help with my energy levels

    Seems to me you don't have a solid sleep schedule. I'm not sure what your other schedules are like so that may not be able to change. I don't know why I'm like this but I get up out of bed and am ready to go whether I've had 4 or 13 hours of sleep, and both of those have happened very recently...
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    Trust Me.

    Wow, this post is hitting home. And it came at the perfect time too.
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    Reply for "Will you buy me a drink?"

    Sure if... ...you can solve this math problem. ...you can solve this riddle. ...you will kiss me on the lips right now. ...you will buy me one. ...I get to hold on to it. No... ...I would but you're (whatever their hair color is). ...you're not that easy. ...I'm not that easy. ...you...
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    my LTR is convinced that I cheated TWICE,but...

    I've always found that the person who is accusing someone of cheating is the person that is doing the cheating. I wouldn't be surprised if your lady friend is actually cheating on you, or thinking about it.
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    Blow it inside or no?

    So... What I've come to the conclusion of is the same thing everyone who posted came to the conclusion of. Lol. It'd be lots of fun, I've blown in hand mouth and ass and I know how good those feel. She also said she isn't opposed to letting me blow in the back of her throat, but she was drunk...
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    The Loan Arrangement

    I think its a fine situation. I would like to have a prenup in place, although I plan to actually buy MY house and own all of my stuff... If a marriage ends then each party takes what they've brought to the table and go separate ways. If kids are involved then that can still occur. Sell things...
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    Blow it inside or no?

    I never came inside a woman's *****. My girl is on birth control and doesn't want kids at this moment. I know she has dated other guys that have blown inside her because she seemed a little perplexed I never have and said, "Well, I'm on birth control." It's not a big deal, but I just want to...
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    Divorce...now what?

    Everyone has already said it, move on. Life doesn't have a manual, no instructions. Let bygones be bygones. What do you want outta life? If you thought it was this chick then I'm sorry, she is gone. DON'T chase it, you won't get it back. Acceptance isn't coming soon, but you don't have to...
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    And of course I forget to post the hinge point... as Br-C>0, then altruistic behavior increases and spreads. I have a personal belief that all people should "pay it forward".
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    what is wrong with ladies help me guys

    You're 24, too old to have let this happen. You should have had ALL these experiences in high school. Just move on with life. It is weird to say but that is all you can do. Do not give her any more of your time. If you do then you are right back to this situation, and will get what you have...
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    Excuses, excuses, excuses...

    Good post. My grandmother was afflicted with Bell's paulsy. She got along in life quite well. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
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    I'm pretty sure that this has been posted before I'm an Ecology major and one thing I've recently learned about is Altruistic behavior among animals. Altruistism - a concern of the well being for others without reward. Altruistic Behavior in animals is represented best by an equation...
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    Getting back to the game

    I told you all, I'm reading too much into this :) lol I'm going to a coffee shop very shortly to do some homework, she is meeting me there when she gets off work. Next move is to get another chick to go on a date with. I've never really dated multiple chicks, no better time to start than now.
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    Getting back to the game

    Trying to keep this short... Haven't dated anyone for almost 2 years, at least not long term or consistently. Found a girl who has many attributes I like and shows interest in me. We went out on St Pat's day, made out, danced, talked a lot. I just texted her to see if she has time for a beer or...