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Recent content by Redwolf

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    An unprotected start

    If you don't want kids get a vasectomy. Best decision ever.
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    Need help: Female just leaves the chat in middle and never gets back

    Stop the online chatting and get with her in person where you can escalate. If she won't meet you next her and move on.
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    Period trackers

    I am currently using multiple apps mostly just to track when they start their period for planning meet ups and it does help with seeing behavioral trends. I have found some apps are better than others. It would just be nice to have them all on one app rather than multiple.
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    Period trackers

    I have found it useful to track the periods of the women I'm currently dealing with. Does anyone know if there is a app that can track multiple periods?
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    Flake on date & reschedule offer

    If she offered an alternative day she's interested. Don't over think it
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    Subtle brainwashing of men today...

    Thata girl....bahahahaha
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    What to do about a gf that needs constant attention and validation

    I had a girl I was trying to get with once. She would text and flirt but never meet up. I finally told her that she shouldn't apply for the position if she didn't want the job. She told me she just wanted to see if she would get accepted. That spoke volumes. I don't waste time on her anymore
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    Meeting new women and being flirty while in a relationship.

    I am in a one sided open relationship. I see other people but my wife doesn't. I primarily do MFM with swinger couples since the open relationship thing is more accepted with that group. I have other single women who I have hit up and know I am available but most single women don't want...
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    Need some advice - don't want to appear hungry

    I agree with the above comments. I will add for you to offer a meet up for drinks at a specific day, time and place. How she responds will tell you her interest level. Even if she shoots you down, you made the effort and put the ball in her court. If she's interested she will meet you or...
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    Books that changed how you socially interact?

    I felt the same about 48 laws. It is a good book but seems too vague a lot of the time.
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    Books that changed how you socially interact?

    I have read all of these. They are good. The models book is exceptional and well written.
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    Platonic "friends" of opposite sex

    I've really don't do just friends with girls I am around a lot. We can be acquaintances but I'm not going to be texting about nonsense all the time, following her social media and giving her free attention if we aren't at least in some way being sexual.
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    Extremely Sexual Tinder Profile

    Lol...go with it. I am curious to see what responses you get
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    Fiance is getting fat and ugly

    If you want her to work out regularly you need to foster some competition anxiety. She needs to know you can get other girls or even think you might be. A little dread game goes a long way. Talk about the cute young girl at work that flirts with you. She doesn't need to know if there isn't...
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    Girl i want to bang KEEPS msging me first but WONT meet up keeps making excuses

    Yes exactly. If you even respond keep it short and direct. She has already disrespected you so don't be too eager to respond to her.