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Recent content by redskinsfan92

  1. redskinsfan92

    I Feel Invisible Recently

    Not in the more rural counties from what I could tell passing through, but definitely in the cities. Same in Virginia
  2. redskinsfan92

    The world is getting more gay

    Good times make weak men. Weak men make bad times. Bad times make strong men. Strong men make good times. We seem to be on step 2 of this cycle.
  3. redskinsfan92

    I Feel Invisible Recently

    Nah man. Last time I went 4 weeks ago it was wide open. This was after Vegas was muzzled again too. Status might have changed in the last few weeks, but I doubt it. They are focused on masking kids now
  4. redskinsfan92

    Any links to short mans guide to game here?

    I swear, people don't know how to raise Chihuahuas. I owned one. Great dog if you raise it correctly! People encourage bad behavior because they think its cute and harmless.
  5. redskinsfan92

    It's Embarrassingly Pathetic How Women Can't Even Cook anymore

    Andrew Tate's Youtube vid on the topic of cooking
  6. redskinsfan92

    Any links to short mans guide to game here?

    You must project the confidence of a Chihuahua Im 5'7"
  7. redskinsfan92

    Why Are Females So Into Horses?

    Hmmm The tradcons probably think its girls signaling that they want traditional values.
  8. redskinsfan92

    Girlfriend's Clothing

    It's not going last longterm. She's still advertising.
  9. redskinsfan92

    Alpha Male strategies Doesn't know what his talking about

    *reading comprehension messed up from vaccine* *writes down* Wear clownsuits to dates.
  10. redskinsfan92

    I Feel Invisible Recently

    Where the hell are you? Go to Atlantic City or Florida
  11. redskinsfan92

    China bans girly men from tv

    Only those with money have freedom in the West. Therefore money=freedom=more happiness. Why? You can say whatever you want because it won't matter if you are fired. You'll laugh on the drive home and plan something fun to do with the extra free time.
  12. redskinsfan92

    China bans girly men from tv

    This exactly
  13. redskinsfan92

    Geico reminds of Tinder Hoes

    So, I've been trying to communicate with Geico about my windshield. They won't answer the phone and replies via email take hours and sometimes days. Meanwhile that green little gecko ho is shaking his @ss around avertising online. I realized its just corporate representation of our current...
  14. redskinsfan92

    Woke James Bond?

    There's a new low budget Youtube series called The Adventures of Save-A-Hoe. Pretty funny. Rollo Tomassi appears in episode 2 briefly. They couldn't use the word captain due to trademark.
  15. redskinsfan92

    China bans girly men from tv

    LGBTQ should be shamed socially. Nothing more. It should be viewed negatively and discouraged. If they need a car repair and have good money. Sure, provide professional service same as anyone, but I'm not giving you an orphan to adopt.