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Recent content by redskinsfan92

  1. redskinsfan92

    Now Calvin Klein is giving us trannies

    Funny thing I recently stumbled across a youtube video of what is apparently a somewhat popular social media and camgirl coming out as transmasc. Whatever that means. Just saw a bit of this video where she kept saying sup bro, googled the name, shook my head, and moved on with my day. It's a...
  2. redskinsfan92

    This Rollo Video

    Rollo isn't one to get off topic. He'll stick to his original plan.
  3. redskinsfan92

    Lasik eye surgery

    Occasionally I fall asleep with my contacts in on accident. When that happens I usually wake up early because my eyes are dry. At that point I put a little bit of contact solution on them to rewet them, then remove them from my eye. Then I'll put some eye drops in and go back to bed. Also, I...
  4. redskinsfan92

    Lasik eye surgery

    I was diagnosed with severe astigmatism at 14 and started wearing glasses. Because I'm also slightly farsighted my type of astigmatism usually goes undetected until that age.At 24 I decided to get contacts. Learned to insert them quickly, but struggled removing them. My personal technique to...
  5. redskinsfan92

    Lasik eye surgery

    It may take hours to train yourself to keep your eye open to put a contact lens in. It took me hours to learn to remove them.
  6. redskinsfan92

    Lasik eye surgery

    My grandparents were happy with only needing reading glasses. Saved my grandma from needing a cornea transplant.
  7. redskinsfan92

    article: Woman Says There Are So Many Single Moms Now Because They're Fed Up

    They pick these guys to fvck, then want you to help raise his kid.
  8. redskinsfan92

    Why are alcohol brands suddenly promoting transgenderism and feminism all at once?

    The cost will be severe. An overcorrection.
  9. redskinsfan92

    Ford Goes Woke

  10. redskinsfan92

    Lasik eye surgery

    A relative of mine got it. She's about 20 years old and pretty happy with the results. She had astignatism. I've considered it, but contact lenses have worked out well for me
  11. redskinsfan92

    The Rational Male Author Exposed

    My understanding is due to current culture. I might be wrong. I listened to video of his where he talked about it once when I was on a long drive.
  12. redskinsfan92

    The Rational Male Author Exposed

    To be fair he got married before RP and has not said to divorce because of RP. He says he would not get married today
  13. redskinsfan92

    The Rational Male Author Exposed

    Since 90s if I'm not mistaken
  14. redskinsfan92

    The Rational Male Author Exposed

    Well said. The fact that some say someone got wrecked after a debate shows they were just seeking to have their ego investment reinforced, not learn facts. Statements here like "I was vindicated" says it all. I know. I've been guilty of it before. I work on myself to not be. I try to not seek...
  15. redskinsfan92

    The Rational Male Author Exposed

    He knew the sculptor was a woman, lol. He was trolling Ivan