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Recent content by rart

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    Falling in love with the woman I've been seeing

    You have to learn to control your feelings and give them to her gradually as she earns them. Do not give it out for free.
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    Totally ****ed up with gf

    Dude you do not want her in your life. Dumping a woman like that was the best decision I made
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    "I like where we are"--interpretation?

    It's other way around. He is her plate.
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    "I like where we are"--interpretation?

    Never interpret what a woman says, only what she DOES. Her rescheduling is the message. The message being that she has more important things than you. Now knowing that, you make her less a priority in your life
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    "I like where we are"--interpretation?

    on another note she is too young. 10 year age difference is great when you are 40 and she is 30. She is 18, she's a child.
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    "I like where we are"--interpretation?

    She has to make room for you in her life, life if she actually did make whatever small sacrifice and cook you a dinner. Her rescheduling is not a good sign.
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    Need help

    Don't overthink this. Book another date and go for it next time.
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    "I like where we are"--interpretation?

    You have to get those feelings under control by doing things that bring you happiness other than women (hobbies and such) and by talking/seeing other women. Commitment talk should come from a woman. And you give a women commitment IF she earned it. As far as I can tell this woman hasn't earned...
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    Subcommunication: Girlfriend's guy friends

    You were trying to get into Her circle. A woman should be trying to get into Yours instead. You should not have cared about her circle. Additionally you tried to reason with her, for example by saying the stupidest thing like "... but I'm your boyfriend" The only thing for you to do would be...
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    Subcommunication: Girlfriend's guy friends

    OP. It is time to soft next her.
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    How to get out of her frame

    most of your interaction should be face to face. Use text/phone to set dates and logistics.
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    How to get out of her frame

    do not ask a woman if she likes you, ever
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    A cautionary tale.

    had she stayed, she would have driven the poor bastard insane. She did him a huge favor
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    Why mothers raise their sons as beta males ?

    witnessed my gf teach her son how men are supposed to give women flowers.
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    Broke some kind of rule

    She said she had to get this other call and didn't call you right back? If so, she has zero interest or respect for you.