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Recent content by rart

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    a very "oneitis" question, but I gotta ask it anyways

    Take it from a 44 year old guy who got married to his college gf at 22. DO NOT make your life decisions at this age with women in mind. Build yourself up. Women will come. Now if you want to be divorced at 40 with two or three kids growing without a proper family, do what I did and marry your...
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    Male Friends

    where exactly is he wrong?
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    Male Friends

    Bottom line is OP is starved for p$%y. We all been there. I have been there in exact same situation. I agree with the OP that it will be a waste to let this perfectly good plate go. If you OP can manage to grow a thicker skin toward this one, you can successfully spin her. Moreover, her...
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    Male Friends

    You perception of women is clouded by a long dry spell. I dated the exact same woman a year after my divorce and It was a disaster.
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    Male Friends

    Speaking from exact experience. She knows what she is doing. Be willing and ready to walk. Do not talk to he about the orbiter. Treat her like a plate and get some new plates going.
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    Machine Weights vs Free Weights

    Serious weight on a compound movement like squat or deadlift takes years of hard dedicated work. I'm sure all people who achieve 500 lbs squat have small dycks.
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    Machine Weights vs Free Weights

    Ok, get your smith machine squat with depth below parallel up to 3 plates. Recover. Attempt a 3 plate squat with a barbell in a squat rack to the depth of below parallel. See yourself fail at the first rep. Another aspect of barbell training that most people overlook is it's effects beyond...
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    Machine Weights vs Free Weights

    Get your smith machine squat to 3 plates, pat yourself on the back, get into the squat rack with 3 plates and watch yourself fail at the first rep.
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    Weight Lost

    be prepared to lose muscle
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    Friend-Zoned by my wife (Personal experience)

    Also, stand you ground but be extremely careful with name calling and threats. Now days women cry "emotional abuse" and you can get into trouble. Stand your ground but be civil. I went through this at 40 and two kinds and now am happy. You are only 30 with now kinds. You will be just fine
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    Friend-Zoned by my wife (Personal experience)

    I was in exact same situation. College sweetheart, moved across the globe together, etc. Looks like you didn't have kids with her. Major advantage for you. Start anew. Build yourself up. Women will come.
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    Why is she responding so slow?

    she responds in 2 hours, you respond in 3. push and pull
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    GF maybe walking soon

    In most places, like here in Ontario, it does not matter whether you are married or not. If you live like a family, you are legally married even if no ceremony/marriage license happened. Recently a rich guy in Toronto lost a case against his girlfriend of 8 years. Never married, no kids, she...
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    Marriage advice

    You should accept the fact that she has checked out. Ask me how I know
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    whats up with this

    Good. Get her back in your frame. Let her say these silly things, don't have a reaction to them. Blow them off just like you been doing. Now, to show her that she is not to control you, you have to go on a ride/fishing with just your buddies. Tell her in advance something like " oh, btw i'm...