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Recent content by ragnarP

  1. ragnarP

    Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Omega and Sigma

    Recently I have been listening to the Rollo Tomassi's podcasts on youtube and he had a whole breakdown of Vox day's social hierarchy. I'm not going to post the breakdown of what each category is as they are easily found on the internet. But I will share my experience although I know in some...
  2. ragnarP

    For those who deny the importance of Looks

    I didn't need this video or the internet to figure out that human beings find good looking human beings more attractive. What's next? We prefer cars that look good?? Whoa!! No doubt women responded to me differently after a solid 2 years of lifting weights but my outcomes with women didn't...
  3. ragnarP

    What women want in you

    Women want a man that is effective at promoting his self interest. So, she can win him over and become part of his self interest. For example, if you are dominant in your behaviour for your own benefit, she wants to be part of that benefit. If you are capable of aggressive behaviour to get what...
  4. ragnarP

    How to set the tone that I wanna f*ck?

    These kind of questions are hard to answer over the internet because this is very subjective and there can be a number of reasons. Something that is obvious to some, may not be to others. This was the reason for me, I wasn't getting sexually excited enough by women so, they weren't getting...
  5. ragnarP

    Our World Is Run By a Bunch of Retards...

    What do you mean? I'm sure they working on a vaccine or a cure.
  6. ragnarP

    Home workouts suck donkey balls!!!

    If bench press is sex with a 9/10, push ups are jerking off with no lube to a memory of a drunken one night stand with a fat girl from 5 years ago. In the UK, we are more or less on lock down. So, I've been trying to do some home workouts that I found on YouTube. And it's no where near as...
  7. ragnarP

    Does anyone feel a change coming?

    I definitely feel that a change is coming, not sure exactly how though. One small thing is that many people have realised that they can work from home perfectly fine. Also that some companies don't give a s**t about their employees and some do. So perhaps more flexible work arrangements?
  8. ragnarP

    Any martial artists out there? What martial art is good for protection?

    There is a reason why these two fighting styles are the most successful in mma right now.
  9. ragnarP

    How to get your "type" if you're at an initial disadvantage. (race/ethnicity/looks)

    I disagree with op on this, not the necessarily the content but also overall approach to women. I do agree that culture and race are a factor in seduction. And these can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the situation. However, when it comes to content I disagree because. When...
  10. ragnarP

    Any martial artists out there? What martial art is good for protection?

    Long thread so I will keep it short and concise. I've trained kickboxing in my teenage years/early twenties. From my experience I know this: (Apart from the obvious benefits like fitness and self defence.) Great for self respect and a sense of belonging to a tribe. Once you start identifying...
  11. ragnarP

    Red Pill Reading Guide

    “I cannot live without books.” - Thomas Jefferson I love books for many reasons, one of them being the knowledge that I gain. However, here are few insights and things to keep in mind. Especially when reading books that can be referred to as “red pill literature” and/or “self-improvement”...
  12. ragnarP

    Patrice O'Neal was a true Master Don Juan

    Can we all appreciate him spiting red pill truths on mainstream radio, I live in the UK and he wasn't popular over here and I was a bit too young back when he was around so I've just discovered him now through YouTube. Not only is he funny af but he was helping other men with women from time...
  13. ragnarP

    Girls showing me pictures of their hot friends????

    In other words her hotter friends are the bait to catch me. Thank you, this the answer I was looking for, it makes sense. Women and their silly tactics, as if this is going to work. As far as the the script flipping, at this point its an automatic reaction, half the time they are stunned.
  14. ragnarP

    Anyone else completely over it?!

    Why are you trying to find "the one" to begin with. I strongly recommend that you read the rational male by Rollo Tomassi. He dismantles the whole soul mate myth and explains how this idea is damaging to us. A woman will not give you a fairy tale ending, she can be there with you when you make...
  15. ragnarP

    Girls showing me pictures of their hot friends????

    Over the last two months or so I have noticed a peculiar thing that I cannot make sense of. It happened enough times for it to become a thing. Every time I am around a girl that finds me attractive but I don't reciprocate, first they try to find a way to qualify themselves (OK, that makes...