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Recent content by Pugsley_f5

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    Pug's 100 approach journal

    LOL wow I come back to this old thread to find this war break out...he guys thanks for all the props...but i'm 26....getting rather old...(I know I know) but there comes a point where someone doesn't want to play games anymore and there are more things that matter than how many girls your can...
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    Pug's 100 approach journal

    Man by the time we get married its gonna be over 2 years anyway....trust me if you dont find out about a girl's bad hair days and bad moods by 2 year mark your not gonna find them at all...
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    Pug's 100 approach journal

    LOL Dude im 26 years old...not 19 out there looking for a piece of tail....I have no doubt I want to spend the rest of my life with her....otherwise I wouldn't be proposing to her....trust me I have gone thru numerous girls between the formation of this thread and now to know what I like and...
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    Pug's 100 approach journal

    Update...got a ring purchased and gonna be proposing soon! Any clever proposal ideas guys?
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    So I got the crap beaten out of me last night

    Dude...these days people will shoot you for cheating on their wife/girl sorry but there aint no sex THAT good! I would steer clear personally...
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    Modros Self Improvement

    Hey man.....its good to see you are being proactive with your self and improving yourself....keep on blasting away and destroying any fear you might have left...you are the 10% of people on this board who actually take ACTION! and ACTION is the key!
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    dj_china's FR

    Great job man keep it up!
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    Some quick makeout tips...

    Good info....thanks for breakdown of things...this is a good guide I wish I had in my High School days!
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    So I got the crap beaten out of me last night

    Dude did u ever ask her outright if she was married before you guys started seeing each other or was it just assumed cause you didnt see any ring?
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    Ten things you wish you had figured out before turning 30 (or 25, or 40, or 50!)

    1-10) Read Personality Plus, The Five Love Languages and How to Win Friends and Influence People at least once every year...this will expand your relations with other people more than anything else you can do! NO JOKE!
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    Pug's 100 approach journal

    LOL I was on the PC today and said....hmmm I remember the days of Sosuave....and DJing all the time....weird how I forgot this site for a half a decade almost! Flash forward 4 years...I am about to propose to a fantastically wonderful girl whom I have been dating for 14 months...she is great...
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    Pug's 100 approach journal

    I still got that magic touch! :woo: Hey guys I got a field update, I still got that magic touch.....heres the story I went over the a local bank to finish up opening a checking acct, the manager put me in touch with a chick who was the teller to finish up the transaction....this girl is...