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Recent content by prophet123

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    new to running/jogging

    I want to say no, but its entirely possible. Running on your heels is bad mojo and you should try to curb it whether or not its hurting your ankles. A good drill for that is Arms and Toes, which is just what it sounds like. While staying on your toes, (or the ball of the foot, whichever...
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    new to running/jogging

    Hey, I'm a senior in high school and joined cross-country as a freshman and stuck with it for four years. Besides the incredible interaction and just plain fun I had, I also learned a thing or two about running. Like AFK Protector said, if you're flat-footed, you probably shouldn't run, and...
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    Lack of Respect

    About a year ago, my friend led me to this site, and I started learning. I read the Bible, I went through Bootcamp, and I grew. I started walking with my head up, looking people in the eyes, and gaining the self-respect every man deserves. I started smiling at women, then talking with women...
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    My Radically Changed Attitudes About Sex

    I hear ya. On the one hand you have your morals that you have obtained in one way or another and that you hold in high regard. On the other hand, you have the reality of life. Thats a tough one my friend, one that I have to struggle with myself. I won't go through all the action-packed...
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    How do I get a friend to become more than that?

    I would crank up the heat. You know, KINO, ****y/funny, all that good Don Juan stuff. Offer to pick her up and take her home to parties and what have you. Be alone with her more. Show her with actions rather than words that you want to be in a relationship and that you're more commited this...
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    I dont care

    You hit on a good point a few posts back Stormblade. The women you've been finding have been like pets except higher maintenance and way more costly. So hell, why not move up a notch and get a good dog? Fun, cheap(er), and most of all, loyal, dogs make the perfect companion. With your...
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    Be Different. Be a Leader.

    Good post. But remember, you don't want to be wrapped up in yourself too much so that you alienate yourself from everyone else. I walk around my school and see a bunch of solo ****e-heads who try to be different and succeed too well. Everyone thinks that they're just morons vying(sp?) for...
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    Tips to a fun, successful Prom night?

    Well, I had started a thread like this in the High School Forum, but it turned into a hockey conversation it think... Anyways, when you go to pick up your date, bring her corsage or what have you, but bring a rose for her mother. This works great, winning over the matriarch of her family like...
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    Best Friend

    I say keep being friends. If you were friends before, whats changed here besides the "tragic love" deal? You have nothing to lose by staying friends with her, (besides your breaking heart, but time heals all wounds) but you have a bad reputation to gain by breaking it off. Nothing wrong with...
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    Prom Tips n' Tricks

    well i guess as long as this thread is going to good use its alright with me.
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    Small tits

    Howdy. My girlfriend has small tits, which doesn't bother me, and doesn't bother her. But every now and then she'll say something about her underdeveloped breasts (nothing bad, just stuff like "Man, I wish I had jugs that big" or some such) and I'll feel a little uncomfortable because I can't...
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    Prom Tips n' Tricks

    Oh its True. Prom is coming up soon ladies, and it would be best if we all posted our tried and true tricks of the trade for the night to go off just the way you want it, from a kiss goodnight, to your first time, to another notch in your belt, whatever your prerogative. I'll start out...
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    Please help me talk some SENSE into this girl!!

    This is a hard situation to be in, and I'm afraid you're going to just have to let time run its course. I know you want to be a good friend and prevent this, but some people are just too stupid to realize good advice when they see it. My tip to you though, is to ignore it, and let their...
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    When a girl hit you...what does it mean?

    Holy crap in a sack! I spent an hour reading the High School Forum and I'm disgusted. READ THE BIBLE! All of the dumbass questions are answered there. Bah! Anyways, you didn't give an over-abundance of information, so I can't really tell you. If you just met her in the past week or so, then yes...
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    The "How to be a Man" Show

    Smooth as Anything, Did you miss the whole 50% of my post that explained that, YES, The Rock IS about as real as James Bond, because they are both actors, both performers. And they both get chicks wet, and you know why? Because they are both MEN. It does not matter at all if it is a real-life...