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Recent content by PowerQuest

  1. PowerQuest

    Are us old guys just fooling ourselves?

    Good damn right! Chase your own excellence, not tails.
  2. PowerQuest

    Are us old guys just fooling ourselves?

    Stop complaining; full stop. You are only 37 and you should be in your prime and killing it. If not. then you are doing something wrong and that needs to change fast.. I can you one thing for "free". You're negative mental attitude sucks. If you think you're old well then you are old and...
  3. PowerQuest

    More Men Than Women Are Now Single. It's Not a Good Sign

    Women never been single. They always have their penis pipeline filled. So this have always been the case. nothing new really. However; what is new is all men today are weak and feminized and cannot cope with life the same way their forefathers did. aka: “Hard times create strong men. Strong men...
  4. PowerQuest

    Reddit 'women' are going crazy over the abortion news

    Leftists (and of course feminists) = bat sheite crazy and will only give you headaches
  5. PowerQuest

    Reddit 'women' are going crazy over the abortion news

    I rarely even login to LinkedIn anymore. It just to much time consuming and distracting. Most contacts and connection request is also in the category of "spam". They rarely contribute to my business or convert to customers. They just want something from you. Usually for free.
  6. PowerQuest

    Reddit 'women' are going crazy over the abortion news

    The public and the employees entered dude and so it inflated to this state. In the start LinkedIn was mostly business owners, CEO's and top tier decision makers which was great. But that has changed to what it is today. A spammy FB network with loads of irrelevant information and connections.
  7. PowerQuest

    Reddit 'women' are going crazy over the abortion news

    All the leftist, feminists and angry hoes right now: Us guys: and all the babies go... Ha ha ha... :rofl::devil::lol:
  8. PowerQuest

    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    Dudebro, you're living in the #1 feminazi country of the world which of course is Sweden.. Nothing can surprise about your story from there. Sweden and swedes are fking bat sheite crazy about feminism, inclusiveness, wokeness, political correctness etc. and even the men call themselves feminist...
  9. PowerQuest

    The Impact of Roe V Wade on Dating

    Ye, the only thing is that the 304's are mad as hell and it is sort of pleasantly entertaining.
  10. PowerQuest

    milfs honking

    Milf, milf milf milf! Ha ha ha... ;):lol::devil: (I dunno, I guess they are horny and frustrated cuz they ain't getting any action? its just baby powder, puke and laundry for them?)
  11. PowerQuest

    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    It's like they say; The best publicity is bad publicity. Even the bad ads sells the product.
  12. PowerQuest

    Any tips to deal with long term lower back pain?

    If lumbago is your issue then exercise (walking, running) is the solution to the issue.
  13. PowerQuest

    4 dates - nothing but making out...

    Ditch the bytch and next her. Something should have happened already on the first date and absolutely there should been action on 2nd date. You're entering the friend zone void territory dudebro. Because she doesn't desire you.
  14. PowerQuest

    What Are the Dangers of a High Notch Count for Men?

    Your nutz will end up being dryer than the Sahara desert and shrink to peanut sizes and suddenly you have a lot of friend requests from squirrels instead of women?