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Recent content by playerone

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    Natural Progression of a Relationship.

    Have all the fun you can have with her. If she likes you, she'll want to define the relationship. Make your decision. Have more fun.
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    Is it difficult to date if you are "frugal"?

    You don't have to tell her you're frugal. It's not like you have a big **** and it'll benefit you by doing that. It wouldn't matter anyway if she's attracted to your personality. You can show it subtly, like not paying for her on the first few dates, going to eat at cheaper places, etc. If she's...
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    Is my girlfriend ****ing her ex?

    I don't see any problem at all. You're in a relationship. And trust is key. You're acting like how any other random guy on the street would. That's insecure. I'd talk to her about it, but not in the way you did. You reeked of jealousy and insecurity. Firstly, it's her life. She can choose...
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    The 3 Second Rule Seems Good On Paper

    Work on your inner game, be a confident and happy person. You don't have to worry about anything else. Accept the fact that you can't change what people think.
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    tell me if this is a ****ty text or not

    Lol. You don't have to say it. Do it.
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    A theory me and my friend came up with last night

    Of course you should be like her father, the man whose attention and approval she craves for. Do you even understand attraction?
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    Online Chat went wrong

    There's no rapport whatsoever. She didn't want to respond. Run.
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    Help me bag this 9

    It's not about whether you bed her or not. It's whether you're having fun while being around her. Sounds like she wants you bad again. Crack her up with some ****y funny like, "Easy on the messages, I know you miss me but my grandma just got to bed. (:" Then ask her out, don't wait.
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    Help me bag this 9

    Sounds like she just wants your attention to fuel her ego, and she's getting impatient since she ain't getting any. She didn't even give you eye contact, that could be either she's attracted and shy, or total disrespect. Well, i'd say it's disrespectful either way. Take her out one more time...
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    Bang your best friend's ex girlfriend

    If it'll hurt your friend while doing so, no. No sex with a bro's ex.
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    Got her number, now what?

    This plan will suit you. 1) Ask her where she intends to work out at. If she has a place in mind, go ahead. If she doesn't, you decide. 2) Don't ever behave formally. Don't even have the mindset of going out on a date. Simply hang out, no pressure whatsoever. 3) It's exercise, lots of good...
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    Real help needed! OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    Alright i know this is an old post. But just to clear up a few things on OCD. If you are constantly thinking of something, or counting numbers, switching the lights on and off, it does not mean you have OCD. Like many doubters said, they could be just keeping a good habit and making sure of...
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    Visiting a few years later, some thoughts

    Exactly. You improve yourself for the sake of yourself, not for others. Put yourself in main priority. Good post.
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    Alpha-ness and Politeness

    Here's how i feel. If you're alpha, and you know it, you don't have to show you're alpha. Let's just assume you are not a natural alpha male, and you are working your way to be alpha. Most guys tend to try too hard. They will go out of their way to make decisions, for other people, even. Or...
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    how could i not close!!

    Tell her to give you her number, and pass her your phone. Just don't act like it's a big deal, stutter when you say it, etc. Be casual, get some practice on several women, and it won't be much of a big deal. If you're comfortable with it, it will show through your actions.