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Recent content by PiNkMaGGiT

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    Dating without a car.

    I have the same problem only I'm lazy and don't have my licence yet. I turned 18 today, and I should have it in six months or so but I've found it seriously damages your game not having a car. It makes dating that much harder. I too would like some suggestions for this predicament.
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    Yes that **** is gold. Good to see another guy who likes giving more pleasure than receiving :D . There's nothing like getting your girl off
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    Kissing/Makeout Tips

    Yes I too am a neck licker, nothing like it. Trust me on this one guys, this is how I kiss... go in nice and slow and just "meet" lips and give soft kisses a couple of times, then you should naturally open your mouth up (and so should she), remember to always be gentle and SLOW when you're...
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    Titty fat

    It's spot REDUCTION that isn't possible. ;) You simply have to lower your overall body-fat percentage. Sounds simple in theory but it ain't trust me. Search for DIESEL'S cutting guide for a good way to get ripped (and lose the b itch-tits :D ).
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    How often should I run?

    If you want to lose a lot of body fat (ie you aren't already ripped/cut) then you should try and run every day but make sure you're eating properly and eating enough and that you're getting a good deal of protein every day. You will get faster results this way. If you just want to stay in...
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    DJ in need of some rare advice...

    Yeah okay, sorry bout being a snob I just didn't want any "just kino her and make eye contact" responses :) . Thanks for the input Helter, I think that is very sound advice, only problem is I'm young and impatient :mad: . But seriously though, I think that is what I'll do, make her miss me...
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    DJ in need of some rare advice...

    Sup guys, I rarely start a thread on this board, I think this is like my second one, but I'm in a bit of a situation that needs some input from other DJ's (ie. go away if you're inexperienced). Okay, here's the $hit. Basically there's this awesome chick I really dig and although I don't have...
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    is she more then a friend?

    I wouldn't wait til she's drunk to let her know what the go is because she'll lose respect for you. But don't just go for a kiss out of the blue and hope for f uck that she kisses you back, you'll probably just surprise her (in a bad way) and be left in a gloriously awkward situation. Just...
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    im too big, shes too small, what to do?

    May I ask how old the girl in question is? *Usually* this is only a problem with the younger ones. I'm guessing you've already tried lube and all that good stuff and that it just isn't working. There are alternatives to sex but I reckon these are only satisfying if you actually feel...
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    2 Weeks to lose your belly... possible?

    Good advice. This DIESEL fella knows what he's on about :D . You will lose fat but you're also going to be soft and floppy.
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    What to do on a first date.....!!!!

    Yeah I agree with drixsa, those sex talks are always fun but I always feel like the girl is, I don't know, getting in touch with her masculine side so to speak :D Your girl sounds like a bit of a nymph man :) . Just try and establish a 'sexy' vibe and you'll be set from there. I love it...
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    hey, anybody ever try this?

    Nice. I think thats all that I can say. Nice. :D Yes it is indeed rare to find one with brains but they're lots more fun :)
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    Throwing a party

    yeah all good advice but the people I'm inviting are all really good friends, most of whom I've known for years and I don't think I need to worry about anything being stolen. It's strictly invite only. I was after some advice on just how to generally make a party killer... i know good stereo...