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Recent content by peeps

  1. peeps

    Fiance is getting fat and ugly

    As others have said, with the hair falling out she might have some psych things going on. I'd ask her to move towards therapy, and if she refuses push the marriage ending.
  2. peeps

    Any married Djs or those in LTRs, what's your opinion on using hookers?

    Yeah neither would I, I am in it for the tits. It just raises a further question, can one supplement sex and needs from hookers while maintaining a good relationship?
  3. peeps

    Woman Archetype: Cat(s), Vegetarian, Single

    The vegetarian thing is so true. I've had a few girls be veggies, which I welcome as I eat too much meat. But I could never go full veggie
  4. peeps

    Any married Djs or those in LTRs, what's your opinion on using hookers?

    This is primarily to supplement the coolidge effect I have a girl I've been seeing for 2 months, she's great, cooks for me, has great sex also has a nice ass but no tits. They're only A cups and they're lovely but I am an ass and tits guy. I'm wondering about this as I see a future with her. I...
  5. peeps

    Update: ex didn't reply.

    Yeah no ****
  6. peeps

    Is cold approaching a fundamentally non-normal activity?

    What is this blackpill ideology? Genuine question, is it popular enough to have replaced Pickup and RP ?
  7. peeps

    Manosphere Copes (Men Rotting Their Own Way)

    I used to be pretty hardcore red pill and can honestly say it saved me from AFC life in terms of rebounding from my relationship and ending up in a **** place with another awful girl. It taught me a lot about female nature in a way I would not get anywhere else. But as time has gone on my main...
  8. peeps

    saw my ex at a bar

    Its a nice feeling to know you have grown out of your old tastes. I'd be careful of banging her though; it can be like playing with fire
  9. peeps

    saw my ex at a bar

    Why do you care? Do you want her back or not?
  10. peeps

    "I like where we are"--interpretation?

    This guy has it. Don't let her hold the wheel OP. She's a pump and dump
  11. peeps

    25 yr old + unmarried women are AFCs with no game

    He didn't have OPTIONS though. He had a few cuties from his town and a town over and thats it. We have the potential to sleep with hundreds of girls. No denying this but you can't hate them for pursing a sexual strategy according to their nature. What would you do if you were a woman?
  12. peeps

    25 yr old + unmarried women are AFCs with no game

    This is debatable. Thots are always going to thot, now or back then. Relationships arguably were not so much better then just because until death we part was taken seriously. Often people in marriages were misrable, and they would love the freedom to chose we have today
  13. peeps

    25 yr old + unmarried women are AFCs with no game

    I agree with most of what you have said, however ignoring them will only work in cases of a very high status man. In my experience ignoring women has never worked out well as I am average, even though they may be interested. Additionally for women there is a seductive quality to wanting to be...
  14. peeps

    Do I have mental issues? 1) Hard time adopting IDGF 2) feeling guilty after getting laid.

    No you don't have mental issues but as others have suggested, though I think you are having the colloquial mid-life crisis. You clearly don't have problems getting women, so fundementally I think your crisis boils down to the question of where do you want your life to go? Do you want to...
  15. peeps

    So it’s been a few months , is COVID a bunch of bologna or still think it’s a real threat?

    I feel like in these kind of situations Covid could be a blessing in disguise. Prolonged waiting to die at that stage is hell