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Recent content by Paradox

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    Question for History Buffs, World War II.

    This thread is about Pre WWII German economic policy and not about religion or religious beliefs but I see what you mean. Banking reform is necessary but as long as there are greedy selfish people it will be hard to initiate and maintain a fair banking system.
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    10 tips to help you get a women in bed

    10 ways to get a thread closed. Trolling fighting Trolling Fighting fighting Flamebaiting Fighting Flaming Fighting Posting about "Looks VS Game"
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    Radical Proposal to end the "Looks Debate"

    So once again another meaningless "Looks" VS. "Game" thread gets closed
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    Banned from The Attraction Forums in 15 minutes

    So the grass is not greener...lol. Oh BTW, I don't post much anymore but I am here. Reading...banning...moving threads...silently. So don't be a dumbass and say there are no Mods here...
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    Girlfriend 8 Months Has Diminishing Sex Drive

    [I] Translation: She doesn't like you anymore
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    Facebook Game. Step By Step Guide

    Thanks for the guide. I was going to ask the posters to write one. This is a great recap of what online DJ's have been saying. :up:
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    Wish your Ex a happy birthday

    Why bother? What's the point? What do you hope the outcome of this will be? Again, why bother?
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    How sh*tfaced do you have to be to fvck a dude?

    ....and so it ends. I got complaints about this thread so we will have to shut it down. As far as the topic goes I think all we all know that alcohol impairs our judgment but not to the point of insanity. We still have a choice when we make decisions.
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    Guy buys a lady $ 80.00 shoes to ask for her number.

    Great find corrector I moved it to the discussion forum. This is a good life lesson!
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    Skillful retorts to women's tests.

    Agreed. It's like asking her to go to a boxing match with you. Women love to go to weddings. It's all about romance and feelings. Some of the BEST sex that I ever had was after a wedding....you have to play it right. You played it wrong Jo.
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    Why was my thread deleted?

    Actually Ryan your thread was deleted by Admin. Admin does not allow Cracking/Hacking discussions or the distribution of copy written material (i.e. books, movies, music) on this discussion board. Thread closed.
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    By NC'ing do you risk other guys who haven't messed up getting in there?

    Well that pretty much sums it up. Follow horaholic's instructions.
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    An example of what you'll find on POF

    Well this is going nowhere. If the OP is not willing to listen to different opinions then there is no need to keep this thread open. Anger issues, especially towards women should be resolved within before you can have any real progress in starting a healthy relationship. IMHO Also...
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    Holiday season and gifts

    She should have thrown the candle and hit you in the head with it. The scented candle is not for you. It's for you and her. It's like when a husband gifts a wife with a 52" flat screen TV. The candle is not REALLY for you to use alone. It's for you to use when she is there. The gift is a big...