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    32 without direction

    Why not stay in school in pursue a more marketable degree like computer science?
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    Someone disappared frm sosuave

    Why the temp ban?
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    ****ing women with no condom?

    You could probably fit yoga or dance classes in too. That's always a good place to meet high quality women.
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    Opportunity at work

    Can more be elaborated? It's hard for me to give a suggestion as I need more context.
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    Approaching a group of women.

    The dynamics are more complicated when approaching a set. Their disposition of you can vary wildly, on the other hand, you have some control over what they think of you. But in a bar or nightclub, the odds are pretty much stacked against you. There's no amount of indirect, direct, or game magic...
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    Throw in ideas for the best online dating site ever

    Looks like someone already beat you to the punch h ttps://
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    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    Still, having that networth compared to the rest of us is an impressive feat.
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    Some guys cant get off the hamster wheel

    So what are you going to do about it? How are you going to avoid the same trap they're in?
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    Good part time jobs to meet girls.

    There's no need to waste time gleaning from that encounter. Just pick out what you did right, mitigate what you did wrong, and do another approach. But most importantly approach.
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    Good part time jobs to meet girls.

    You know, the biggest misconception of rejection is not them rejecting you personally but the fact you botched your technique. Why not go to these places where you know the hot but snobby ones are but doing it so you can get better?
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    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    Are you not going to keep us updated @BeTheChange? :)
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    Good part time jobs to meet girls.

    Have you ever thought about wine tastings? Open mics? poetry sessions? casting calls? What do you think high quality women like?
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    Computer science/programming

    To the OP, I know you have a lot of questions are pretty anxious about your future career. But what it really comes down to is time in the chair. Because, like all professions, it's just work. Some people get lucky and enjoy their work.
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    Computer science/programming

    It really depends on the company. Where I work is more loose compared to other large companies since we have much control over the processes. Thus, requests from the business are a bit less formal, and whomever owns the app is creating the work. Typically, if I'm doing a pull request, I have the...
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    Computer science/programming

    DevOps has different meaning among companies. In fact there are some devop roles which having nothing to do with coding.