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Recent content by Papa_smu

  1. Papa_smu

    The 2 ah days workout thread for beginners

    Two-a-days are pretty rough man. Are you sure you'll be able to handle the workload? What about hour long weight lifting and cardio sessions 5/days a week instead? That's still a lot of volume but not as much as doing two-a-days.
  2. Papa_smu

    Cleared it with the mods! A thread I’ve wanted to do for years. Post your real life picture let the community help fix your looks!(completely optiona)

    Did you get a hell of a deal for a two-in-one mirror? lol Picture looks good man, definitely nothing wrong in the looks department!
  3. Papa_smu

    Anybody found a good way to become wealthy working for yourself?

    Some of the posters on here suggested learning a programming language and then selling your services as a developer. Though, there's a lot of money in this field and the only real barrier is sweat equity, I highly suggest not doing it. The realistic ramp up time before you start seeing an...
  4. Papa_smu

    What do you do for a living?

    I work as a software engineer for a medium sized company. Been in IT for about 5 years which 2.5 of them have been in software development. I enjoy the work and can't see myself doing anything else. The gripes I have with this career is the pettiness among the business, the lack of female...
  5. Papa_smu

    Gimme Knowledge!

    Why not just go out there and make something happen? I can tell you right now all of these role models are going to suggest the same piece of advice.
  6. Papa_smu

    I Just Can't Let Go of my Past

    It's not easy and it does require a lot effort. Even so much you feel like a try-hard. But again, it doesn't require you to learn from a guru. It's like cleaning your kitchen. You just have to do it. I do run a volunteer group in my city to help anybody break into web development.
  7. Papa_smu

    I Just Can't Let Go of my Past

    :up: It's like what the other poster sound. You're just policing your thoughts and knowing which ones to listen too. That's about as straightforward as it gets. One thing that helps me when I'm stuck in my head is finding a charity or volunteer event to participate in. It's hard to focus on...
  8. Papa_smu

    I Just Can't Let Go of my Past

    That's like telling a set, "I'm the king baby!" When that set isn't going to believe and already skeptical of you going out of your way to open them. Therefore, I don't think anyone on this forum is convinced you have conquered your insecurities or at least overcame it. This is my concern for...
  9. Papa_smu

    How to get a programming/developer job without a degree

    You really don't want a help desk job if you can help it. Trust me.
  10. Papa_smu

    Attractive women who act like you don't exist

    This is the common answer to the all too common situation of being completely ignored by women you find attractive. They're people too that can get stuck in their head. So, we can't rule out the possibility that she may have the same rationale as the OP being oblivious of his existence. And...
  11. Papa_smu

    Best hobbies for 2020

    I've been volunteering my time with the community to help them get jobs in software development. It's okay. Technically not a hobby.
  12. Papa_smu

    Computer Science Personal Projects?

    Seeing as you're pretty focused on money why not create a finance app?
  13. Papa_smu

    Is anyone here in the middle of their progress to become a chad/brad status?

    I'm siding with @rando5495 here: The fact that "chad" is mentioned in this post tells me that the OP still has issues to work out. I don't approve of the chastening, but the point of the OP taking a good, hard look at oneself if they're looking for a better life is well... the horse to takeaway...
  14. Papa_smu

    Who's Hotter?

    It's tough to judge. They're both equally attractive in their own right. Though since I like blondes, Kirsteen wins the title.
  15. Papa_smu

    Would you date a taller woman ?

    If she's pretty, I would date her in a heartbeat.