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    So Naked Yoga is allowed now...gynocrazy

    that is exactly what is going on.
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    Pregnant Porn

    yes you are 100 right.....but i love Big Butt Latinas. I cant help it. I would betray everyone one of you guys on this thread for a chubby mexican with a nice azz. :rofl:
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    Stress and jobs

    haha wow. So the lesson here is do what YOU feel is good for YOU. Because its damn if you do and damn if you dont.
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    Good things come to those who wait

    I call it chaos theory. I know its not true chaos but it helps me to think about it that way. There is no rhyme or reason. Sometimes they want it that day lol. Women are truly like the ocean. Waves of emotional chaos. Gotta love them lol
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    Tribal living and tournament mating

    Yes i think you are right. My friend is not a natural leader. He is more like a playboy charmer. He is also not intimidating and is a vegetarian lol. So in the wild he might only be moderately useful.
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    Tribal living and tournament mating

    So according to him it was about equal if i remember correctly. The group was about 20 people i think. I will ask him for more details soon. The guys that got the girls were DJs ( music djs). So even in the damn jungle DJs do well lol.Maybe those DJs had good survival skills idk. But he said...
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    Tribal living and tournament mating

    lolz the meme is funny. I have to watch the show.
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    Tribal living and tournament mating

    So my friend lived in a commune in South America for a few weeks. He is a really cool handsome hippy dude. He has TV looks. He did some Netflix pilots. This guy has really good game and is very charming. He told me that no one was really getting sex at this commune. All the guys thought it was...
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    "Women see men as circus clowns"

    I have been following Roosh since 2006 and he went to my alma mater. He blatantly calls certain races inferior. This is no exagerraton. I bought one of his books and have supported him. I never ever play the race card. Private message me and I will show you my proof. Again its no big deal. I...
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    "Women see men as circus clowns"

    big facts
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    "Women see men as circus clowns"

    Exactly bro. This is what I am starting to believe. The whole paradigm is twisted. A woman is incaple of respecting a man that chases her. For most of human history they had to chase US or else they starved. The modern economy/govt and feminism is giving women economic independence. This will...
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    "Women see men as circus clowns"

    Great and brilliant writer but a slight racial bigot. That being said....I still will read his stuff haha. The guy is a genius.
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    "Women see men as circus clowns"

    haha bro this is too true. Great summary. They lose even more respect for the skirts when they figure out that these skirts can be easily manipulated by just suggesting sex.
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    Men are pathetic

    lol I know right. We have been indoctrinated to believe that this was normal. Grovelling at the feet of the almighty female is normalized in society. Wait....you dont play a guitar outside the window of the girls house begging for a date??