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Recent content by Omega

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    MSN users

    I'm guessing LA...
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    How would you handle this situation?

    "Are you trying to kill me?! :D"
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    Club: Be the PIMP

    If you can say: with a serious face in a noisy club and have a good response, I will pay you five dollars.
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    Meeting women (Bar scene)

    No, your right. Quit with the clubs/bars. They're full of egotistical AFC's and girls on an ego trip.
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    She didn't know it was a date? (She's not even blonde)

    A) She's a pyscho (very possible) B) You did sometihng wrong (very possible) You also asked her where she wanted to go in the car. Bad idea.
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    Anyone striving to be filthy rich?

    Prenup my good man.
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    Too young.
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    Sammo Transformed - Week 1

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    System that is best for videogames.

    Somewhat, but Quake III requires a higher framerate IMO.
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    :rolleyes: Shut up and put some wrok into it, jesus.
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    my attempt on my 100 women approach

    You can't wait for an opportunity, create one yourself. If they're walking the other direction, call them out. "Hey ladies, I didn't even say anything and your walking away. How rude!"
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    Don't get frustrated with Girls in highschool

    I've said this before and I'll say it again. High school girls are dumb$hits.
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    System that is best for videogames.

    You misinterpreted my statement. I was making a comparison between the requirements of Diablo II and Quake III due to advancements in technology.
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    System that is best for videogames.

    Game consoles are universal and everyone's is the same (other then hard drive size and other tweaks). PC's are not. This means in a short ammount of time you will be out of date in regards to the demandments of the newer games (Quake III console in comparison to Diablo II's).
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    Been to jail/know someone in jail?

    Crazy. Random home invasion or did they know the guys?