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    First post need your guys advice.

    Damn, 19. (Reflects back and smiles) You're in the right place bro. Just never forget to have fun with this. And as @RangerMIke says (paraphrasing) never forget that one girl is too close to none (until you're 35 at least haha) No pressure bud. Just be present.
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    having fun

    Wall of text is never fun to read, maybe that's why there are no responses so far. As far as books n stuff, try Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Any titles by Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy and Napoleon Hill. And then research some more on how to get the most out of these texts.
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    How Has the Pandemic Changed your Game?

    I think girls in masks are kinda hot. I get the submissive vibe from them. Maybe it's some kind of deeply buried masochist thing but nevertheless, I love to approach them. Not to say that I haven't gotten the occasional "are you trying to deliberately kill me with your closer than 6' proximity...
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    Opening up Women at the Gym...

    @In2theGame, do ya mind if I keep track of my gym and yoga girls on this thread?
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    The Gym and eye contact: Damned if you do, damned if you don't

    They secretly love the eye contact if you're decently put together. Hold it, but without serial killer eyes. Dont listen to anyone telling you that the gym is off limits. Make eye contact and appreciatingly devour her femininity with it while wearing a mischievous half grin. She will make the...
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    Approaching Girls at the Gym

    If I didn't strike up short, but flirty conversations with the young mixed race beauty with hella resting ***** face who lights up like the Christmas tree in Rockefeller square when she sees me now, the young beauty that would do everything in her power to not make eye contact with me no matter...
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    Stop thinking about a particular woman you know nothing about

    Great timing with this post. It happened to me today. Regret was kicking me in the balls all afternoon until now. I've been shooting my shots lately but this one stunned me and I dribbled the ball off my foot and watched her walk right by. Sometimes I forget the game is not over. Thanks for...
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    If they are actively engaged in the conversation...

    Nice point of view! I hadn't thought about that.
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    If they are actively engaged in the conversation...

    As far as the age is concerned, I dont really have anything set in stone. I have a rule: If she looks like I would go down on her, then I approach. As you can probably imagine, I tend to go for fresh, sweet looking faces and well taken care of bodies, but these tend to be spoken for more...
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    If they are actively engaged in the conversation...

    I try to make sure she sees the attraction but scepticism in my eyes, but honestly the conversations could be a little more man to woman. I'm not a directly sexual conversationalist, but I do point out their look in yoga pants, dress, comment on her legs and the like. Sometimes I chode out and...
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    If they are actively engaged in the conversation...

    Bingo. Thanks, I will do the "lets walk and talk" as a first step of compliance testing. And then a little more "do me a favor and..." with some light touching of the arm or lower back.
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    If they are actively engaged in the conversation...

    Ahhh yes you're right. I'm just gonna have to plant my feet in cement and burn it down until she says "I said I have a bf you creep!!"
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    If they are actively engaged in the conversation...

    This seems to be spot on. The taken do seem to keep the conversation going longer than normal. Maybe I will try to accomodate their despiration a little more (evil belly laugh), since I throw in the towel mentally at the first mention of bf.
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    If they are actively engaged in the conversation...

    It's almost to the point when I see her give me undivided attention, I know the boyfriend line is coming sooner or later.
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    If they are actively engaged in the conversation...

    I very well could be. It just seems like the line of communication is drawn according to availability. I will continue to keep notes on this phenomena and try to look at the interactions with sexual interest in mind. Thanks @bat soup