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Recent content by MSwrestler

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    Skinny Jeans, John Wayne, and the Feminization of America

    Reallly... its feminine to wear a vneck? **** is stupid, and what if I want to eat a salad over steak at the moment this is full of retardation.
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    How to get better at fighting?

    how do you get better at math? how do you get better at sex? how do you get better at anything? Nike - just do it.
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    What Do U Say After You Ve Said "hello "

    I like this one. Hi, I just thought you were cute and wanted to come up and say hi.. she: response. You: whats your name, then freestyle.
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    Girl who friend zoned me invites me to her b'day night out.

    come to her b-day, and mack as many girls as you can to make her jealous; dont give her any attentions other then the bday wish and greetings.
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    The counseling profession and their mindgames.

    Feminist don't hate men, they hate women. Feminist are anti-women, they hate the fact that they are suck with tit's and vags.
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    How to leverage "upper-class professional" status

    First I would like to say that I did not read the whole post, because I didn't want to get the impression that you are stupider than what I have already read. Second, you are a materialistic dumbass. Possessions means ****, all you need is a sanitary place to life with basic needs. So these...
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    I can't stand this not being able to get a girl thing

    Whether you say you can't or can, you are probably right; think about what I just said.
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    I'm a beast, but I get scared from others. Wtf?

    Alot more to fighting the strength in punches my friend... I suggest you look up brett rogers and his bragging ability about his knockout strength. And then see what real fighting looks like when fedor whooped his ass.
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    Backing down from a fight

    Best post in the thread. You need to realize that actions have consequences. Yes you might of fought and won and felt like a man. But what if you faught and got hit in the head which resulted in death or blindness? What if you fought and killed him, then got sent to jail... It wasn't self...
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    Tired of sh!t tests? Get good at them here!

    Good thing I dont pay you to think.. ROFL!
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    Give and Take a Word Game

    Blue balls
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    Abusive men & womens' dedication!!! WTF???

    No.. there are more women then man, its just this Why does a cow farmer kee p one bull on the farm? Because thats all it takes to knock up 50 cows.
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    Abusive men & womens' dedication!!! WTF???

    The interesting part is this... Chris brown is now known as a women beater, do you think girls will stop flocking to him? **** na, don't matter to them.
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    Do you swallow disrespect in certain situations?

    I do not know why there is a thing called smaller syndorm or w.e, I've been short my whole life 5'7 currently at age 20, and I never have to prove myself or talk **** to someone bigger. But I have had bigger people try to **** with me. But they don't know I am a pro at throwing down.
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    Do you swallow disrespect in certain situations?

    Dude.. Don't resort to violence when someone is talking ****, only when you need to really defend yourself. Don't any of you have any discipline? Other then talk be verbal back to him.