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Recent content by MillionBillionaire

  1. MillionBillionaire

    I dare you to inspire me.

    Nah... what you said originally about having an idol is BETA... goes to show what a dumbazz you are. I would have changed my post too. HERE IS ANOTHER STORY THAT INSPIRES THE SHYT OUT OF ME. Fredrick Douglas was the first black man in Congress. He was once a former slave. One day the slave...
  2. MillionBillionaire

    I dare you to inspire me.

    Dumbass of the year. You completely miss my point. "Beta" by being inspired. What a dumbazz. "Beata" Hahahhaha.
  3. MillionBillionaire

    I dare you to inspire me.

    Second dumbest thing I've ever read on the internet. How is drawing inspiration from someone a waste of time and energy? Aparently nobody here is inspired by anything... not the moon landing, not Nepolian riding first into the Alps and winning, not say... Tom Brady making a game winning super...
  4. MillionBillionaire

    I dare you to inspire me.

    This is literally the dumbest thing I have ever read on the internet.
  5. MillionBillionaire

    I dare you to inspire me.

    Stop with the pvzzy posting about old Milfs and discover something inspirational.. like a man. Here is a documentary about Alex Hannold.. the first person in the world to free solo climb El Captain... He climbed over 3,000 feet with no ropes, clinging on to pencil width ledges. Hearing him...
  6. MillionBillionaire

    If this becomes the norm, western society is screwed

    I can hear all femnazis saying how she is so brave and beautiful and we are all toxic males because we think it is gross. This beyach needs to stop showing herself off to get attention.
  7. MillionBillionaire

    Going to meet that cute 49 yr old teacher tonight. How to keep frame?

    Everytime I read "Cute" 49 year old and I see this massive troll thread go on I CRINGE. HOW IS THIS THREAD A THING?!
  8. MillionBillionaire

    Being a PUA or being yourself?

    I'll be honest though, It was fun to be on the PUA coolaide for a while, It gave me something to believe in hahahhahahaha. Then again just like organized religion you start finding holes, contradictions and things that don't make sense. but at the end of it all it made me a better man and I...
  9. MillionBillionaire

    "I'm glad I partied and did crazy **** when I was super young cause now all I wanna do is be a wife, make cute babies and just have a beautiful life"

    Aparently like 16k of them. I read her tweet as "I was a hoze growing up and now I prolly have the clams, anyone wanna wife me up?" ... as the internet goes wild. Amazing the cuckery.
  10. MillionBillionaire

    Justin Bieber's new video proof we are all being puzzified.

    I actually respect Bieber because he is not made from the media machine rather youtube. I am just pointing out the trends of today, the pussification of America, that was the topic of this post... it all of a sudden turned into "OMG YOUR A HATER AND HE GETS MORE PUZZY THAN YOU!" Well no shyt...
  11. MillionBillionaire

    i am on nofap for a week

    I'm at work so I have a legit reason to be up, you two need to go to bed. Nighty night kids.
  12. MillionBillionaire

    i am on nofap for a week

    Not if you wanna get it up. If your a male under 40 and don't drink, yet you still have problems getting it up... I'd go see a doctor.. Maybe your testosterone is under 300... get some cheap viagra.
  13. MillionBillionaire

    i am on nofap for a week

    Quit drinking.