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Recent content by Miles Davis

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    Easy Game

    I like this guy!!! Very practical advice
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    I May Have Made a HUGE Mistake

    Go find 10 other women.
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    3 SECOND KISS OPENER - Use this to kiss her in the first 3 seconds

    Dude you can't write a guide on how to do this and expect others to learn from it and pull it off. Without inner game, the clearest step by step instructions don't do jack. More power to you, though.
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    Confidence, composure and diet - a quick fix that works!

    Well, part of the reason you feel more confident when you are bulking is because more often than not you are satisfied with your BODY FAT levels at that time. It is the thought that "hey, I'm already in good shape and things are only getting better"
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    push pulling you

    never appear to be using tactics! I wouldn't even let your mind get as far as thinking that she's using a tactic on you and you wouldnt need to post asking for advice on it. Seriously, not trying to be a d*ck, it works, try it.
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    PC Muscle Routine

    I wouldn't overthink this one. I doubt "overtraining" the PC muscle will give affect your gains haha. I find myself doing them randomly through out the day like when I'm sitting in class or at work (completely unnoticeable to others)
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    Please Critique My Workout Routine And Diet

    Not only is this routine extremely too high volume but the split is not optimal. Check out some of the WSB routines available at Iron Addict's website www.ironaddicts.com and modify one according to your individual needs.
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    Creatine Ethyl Ester

    Trueprotein has the best prices on this stuff bar-none as with most popular supplements. As to the taste issue, taking this stuff straight in powder form is comparable to swallowing gasoline. Either cap it, mix it with grape juice (I've yet to find a suitable liquid to dilute it with or mask...
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    Question regarding testosterone levels...

    bigshot, yes, i understand what you are saying. however putting stress on the body by weight training is markedly different from stress due to lack of sleep. There are many chemical reactions which occur in the body due to weight training, which subsequently lead to testosterone being produced...
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    Moving to a new city

    I agree that it's obviously better to have a job then move out, but it's pretty tough to have a job lined up there without living there. I have to get an interview there or what not first. I was thinking of moving out there and finding a job I know I could easily get (waiter, or any other odd...
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    Moving to a new city

    Has anyone ever had the experience of just packing up your sh*t and starting your life fresh in a new city? I live in New Jersey right now and am going to be moving to the Bay Area, SF. I haven't found a job out there, but I am not having the easiest time finding a job out here either. What...
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    Strut Your Stuff

    f*ck yes.
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    The insignificance of words... the importance of expression

    All these tips were great. But remember, if you can get yourself in the sexual state then all these things will come naturally. You won't even have to try. Think about when you're not in that state. Everything seems to take effort on your part and seems unnatural. It's much easier to...
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    lol, that's a funny story. Buy her a new toothbrush and throw out her old one.
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    Stop Taking It So Seriously