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    A gallon of water a day

    FollowUp That is the main reason for WHAT exactly Oxide? If you read carefully, you will see that I was explaining water intoxication, which has all to do with electrolyte balance and sodium concentrations within the body. Of course protein is hard on the Kidneys, and the Kidneys need...
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    A gallon of water a day

    S-s-s-s-s-sssoodium! The real issue here is not so much drinking too much water, but diluting sodium (salt) concentrations in the body. When the sodium concentrations are diluted too heavily, the body's electrolyte balance is disrupted and problems start to arise. Drinking stuff like...
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    Advicessssss Well let me say, if email is the only thing ur gonna have with this girl, then you're just like her emotional tampon. Sounds like this girl is kinda flakey... but alot of people are 'comfortable' where they are and dont like change. Perhaps she is just tellin you that she doesnt...
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    Gaining Weight Is Hard Stuff

    ok... Hello Shiftkey... sometimes guys with a mentality such as yours aggrevate my nerves. See, I really dont care what is 'not possible', because I impose no limits onto myself. I for a FACT, have actually gained over 10 pounds of mass in the past 14 days. I am not taking any supplements...
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    Field Report 1st day

    NICE :) Dont stress it man, you did good :) You conquered the urges to just say 'fvck it' and forget the whole thing. You worked up a sweat, so you're doing good! Running in the freezing weather takes ballz man, dont let anyone tell you otherwise! I for one say nice work on your first day...
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    The night started out so well...FVCKING YELL AT ME

    hehe Oh, by the way, WHAT THE **** is with friends who don't realize that WHEN YOU'RE IN A GODDAMN CORNER WITH A GIRL THEY SHOULDN'T WALK IN AND START SAYING **** LIKE "NO MATT, DON'T RAPE HER!" HAHAHA, funny **** :P I know alot of idiots that do stuff like that. They're just trying to be...
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    Gaining Weight Is Hard Stuff

    Create a nutrition plan my friend :) I am currently in the process of bulking myself and am making great progress. It's my first time at this so i'm happy i'm gaining weight steadily. It's been about 2 weeks and i've gained roughly 10 pounds! Thats alot to gain in such a short period. And...
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    Sammo Transformed - Week 1

    eh... Hehe, I dont quite understand why you say that... but let me tell you, I feel great :) Perhaps you are familiar with the 'work out 3 times a week for 1 hour' schedule and yes indeed it does work... but my routine works good for me too :) My body is in better shape that anyone else...
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    Sammo Transformed - Week 1

    ;o nice program I'm not going to follow this (i work out 5 days a week for 1.5 hours a day, eat 7 meals a day, and wake up at 6:30 already...), and i'm not gonna do cardio yet (BULKING phase, cant afford to burn any more calories), but in about 2 months when the weather gets warmer and its time...
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    Field Report =D

    NICE Hehe, nice work dude :) Have fun on your dates!!!
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    Swimming openers?

    How about... Three simple words: "HELP I'M DROWNING!!! ;)" LOL, add a nice wink in there while looking at her to make sure she knows you're just kidding ;) I figure it'd catch her attention, make her laugh a bit and from there you can follow up like: "Hey, you looked kinda bored up there...
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    Health problem? Vision fading and cold sweats in middle of workout...

    My experiences... Back when I was exercising inconsistently, I had little experience weight lifting, wasnt eating properly, didnt sleep much and didnt know how to regulate breathing. At the time, I was often experiencing 'dizzyness', feelin kinda light headed and fading-out. This was most...
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    Kitchener\Waterloo, Ontario, Canada -> Anyone??

    Awww Damn, I cannot believe that nobody on this forum lives in the Tri-cities :x If I had a car i'd go hang out with you Toronto guys every once in a while :)
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    Advanced DJ Bootcamp

    Maybe Guitar_Whizz died? o_0 Mikelo2k:cool:
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    how to reject an afc girl?

    topdog3853, damn thats a funky situation you got yourself in :P Is this girl hot? You could make her your fvck buddy ;) You're her first, so she probably feels a 'connection' to you with good feelings in her mind. I think you should hang out with her once in a while, maybe introduce her...