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    The Don At Christmas....your thoughts.

    You don't need a bunch of internet wacks to determine this for you. If you and her are close then do as you feel.
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    Walden leaves sosuave.

    Sorry but not surprised to see you leave Walden. I was just thinking about your online persona the other day. I was watching that movie Valentine. They had a character in the beginning of the movie whom I think was called James. He always reffered to himself in the other person like...
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    Absolute gorgeous goddesses: How do I handle them?

    Re: Something I've noticed. I've read all of Stuart Wilde's books.
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    Age Difference -- Whats biggest difference you've had?

    major break ups have a way of aging you. taken weeks before I dumped young ****: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v487/Player_Supreme/chriscraig3.jpg I was still getting carded at 43. taken a few months ago...
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    Age Difference -- Whats biggest difference you've had?

    my last ltr she lied about her age and I thought she was in her 20's. the fat girl I dieted down into a super ho and became a M.A.C cosmetics manager and rep was only 17 when we met. She lied cause she didn't want me to say no and she had a law suit in at that time I found out later against...
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    Age Difference -- Whats biggest difference you've had?

    when I was 17 she was in her 40's I think it was 48.
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    Mall is not a place to pick up women

    they are probably looking at your height and you cause it's not everyday that you see a 6'2 asian running around. Your a anomoloy. I realize that kids raised over here "are growing taller and taller" as my one asian friend said. "Must be the food"
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    when a woman says "I don't usually have anything to do on saturday nights"...

    I don't know since I do not and cannot possibly know this person. Have you thought of maybe or possibly asking her on a date, to find out for yourself? Let us know what happens. Oh you wouldn't happen to be able to bootleg a copy of Troy now would ya?
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    what is the 3s rule

    ahh tiz a mystery. I will put you onto the right track to solve your problemo: The answer you seek can actuall be found in: THE BIBLE!!!!!! OK !!!!!! You just told me and everyone on here after all of the stickys and all of the posts about how you should read the bible before...
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    Absolute gorgeous goddesses: How do I handle them?

    Oh shyt I just read the end of your post...she has a boyfriend???? take back all of my advice. leave it alone until it's over between her and her dude. You don't wanna be her how did that lame fool stargeeks say it "her emotional tampoon". she will use you and spit you out. also you...
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    Absolute gorgeous goddesses: How do I handle them?

    1. NO WOMAN IS ABOVE ANY MAN NO MATTER HOW FINE HER ASS IS!!! 2. You sound like one of those biblical zealots in the presence of god or an angel...falling down quacking and shaking. 3. You've defeated your game before you even began. You need to take her off that pedistal in the clouds...
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    Finding your niche/type

    1. You should be looking for what YOU like. 2. If your trying to date sista's you might read the book "the art of macking" by tariq nasheed. In it he broke sista's down into multiple catagories. You would do good going for the high class sista who want's a tiger woods type or the upper...
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    I've set the bar too high now!

    I can only shake my head! Is this what this site is producing? Insecure, Selfish, Superficial DJ's? I can take a fat chick with a beautiful face and turn her into a slim 9. I look for potential. The naturally slim ones usually have the same kinda attitude this young bigwanker is...
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    field report: she brought her sister along

    Then why hold on to that energy by naming yourself this way. Your name is self-defeating. You don't have to call yourself prince charming or something like that but you might consider something that reflects your new mission. Like DJ on da rise...or Becoming..now that is a good one...it shows...