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Recent content by metalwater

  1. metalwater

    Are toxic men the product of women mistreating guys in general

    toxic==anyone I do not agree with or is not doing what I want.
  2. metalwater

    Girl you’ve been seeing ex calls her out of the blue

    haha, I hold to my comment still. what you tell sounds like something a girl would say. if she is into you, she will just dismiss others. she would not want you to have the question in your mind about that but instead be happy it's going well. It's sort of in the same path as if someone...
  3. metalwater

    (I ****ed up) Saw the girl with some other guy, and reacted the wrong way.

    if it goes well, at your first opportunity approach another girl that you know or don't know and start up a quick conversation and get her number if you don't have it. and then the next day one more.
  4. metalwater

    Girl you’ve been seeing ex calls her out of the blue

    the only reason she tells you is that she wants you to know. the ideal woman would not tell you and simply dismiss the guy and discourage any follow-ups. telling you is a double bind.
  5. metalwater

    Do you think ugly women are shaming attractive women by calling them "pick me girls"?

    perfect, exactly as you tell it. these are the exact guys I have had issues with. it's best to eliminate them from the environment. alas, these guys win in the short and medium-term until you or I get ahold of them or one of our men does. most of them know what they are doing and are good...
  6. metalwater

    Living in Alaska

    hard life. expensive... no roads lead to the capital only air and boat. like any place go visit for a month before moving...
  7. metalwater

    Do you think ugly women are shaming attractive women by calling them "pick me girls"?

    about 40/60. 40% boost, 60 percent cut, and crab. for women, it's about 1 and 99, 1% boost each other. mixed. 90% of men boost women. 10 or 20% of women boost men.
  8. metalwater

    Men who want commitment from women

    partially right. yes, I am at risk, we all are that's part of the point. we have to be good or at least decent project managers and know the subject matter. when managing projects, there is always some other dude trying to snake that job or customer or grab a key employee. managing a...
  9. metalwater

    Men who want commitment from women

    I know, by default it doesn't work like that. It has to be done on purpose and with attention to detail. They do what they do today model did not work for me more than once... After I removed several men, the rest have fallen in line more or less. Women are women I agree, but the...
  10. metalwater


    if she becomes bitchy during and around menstruation, it's annoying but not a problem. just be nice and put on a Teflon skin around your emotions. if you get into a long time relationship with her, have her investigate meds from her doc to smooth it out. Basically, make sure she is ok and...
  11. metalwater

    Men who want commitment from women

    in the USA, and most other west your right. it depends (as I see it) on how stable or unstable is the place. does she need you or me or not. if not then yikes.
  12. metalwater

    Do women recognize/know that Men has Game?

    depends on the experience level of the woman. if she is close to inocent... ha ha... then no.. if she has been around, then yes... if she is out for a good time, she wants a guy with game. if she is hunting a provider, she wants little or no game in the guy. If you're looking for...
  13. metalwater

    The thing about approaching women on party

    different kinds of parties. let's say it's a semi-open party with 1 or 2 hundred, meaning people will join that do not know the property owner, and that is expected and fine. all women have admitted no questions, some groups of guys will be challenged by the property owner and direct circle...
  14. metalwater

    Modern women - boring with little to offer, but expecting...what, exactly?

    if she is working it's good if you outclass professionally her workmates and boss.
  15. metalwater

    Men who want commitment from women

    maybe... how about if we pay for all and she lives in our frame as one of our assets. the issue I see sometimes is if she is expected to bring in resources and that requires her to enter the frame of others to get it. we tell her to go get money from another dude (work) and bring it home...