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Recent content by metalwater

  1. metalwater

    Marriage advice

    what is she going to do from her side to help fix things?
  2. metalwater

    Marriage advice

    how does the contribution balance in the relationship look? in addition to sex and affection, what else does she provide for the team?
  3. metalwater

    Marriage advice

    Catholic or Buddhist? How did she come to the US originally?
  4. metalwater

    Marriage advice

    she will make it general and tell that you do not want her to talk to any people. have to make it crystal clear that is not true. you DO want her to talk to her family if possible and her girlfriends (well, most of them...). You know she needs that and it's good. You only do not want her...
  5. metalwater

    Marriage advice

    pre menopause. menopause is the shutdown.. the wall. yikes.. pre, is the tornado of changeing and switching in ways they are not used to. all of the feelings come from the chemicals. she may be just a ***** and low intrest and all the red pill stuff they guys on this site are expert...
  6. metalwater

    Marriage advice

    how old is she? is she of the age to be having hormone imbalance issues? 38..to 50ish...
  7. metalwater

    Q: Dude snapchatting my GF...

    Not sure how tight your thing is with her. Take this at face value, no need to read anything into it. What you can see is some guy is approaching her and somehow got her address. She is accepting the approach, she may not be responding you do not know. If she did not want the guy to...
  8. metalwater

    Being with one Woman...

    there is a difference. along with other things, impacts how interested in returning for more.
  9. metalwater

    If we were to show to allied forces back in WWII the current world...

    all has been lost, but a memory of the stories of the elders. when honor has become a liability all is lost. stand strong, there is yet time to teach. and maybe a time to enforce.
  10. metalwater

    Don't We All Have SOME Responsibility?

    the wrong example for the girlfriend, whom you loved deeply, suddenly she has sex with other men, will you love her less?
  11. metalwater

    What height is considered tall for a man?

    tall is relative, to other men in view. 5.8 is tall if others are 5.7 that are in view. as is status, looks, money, everything is relative. if we are the only one in view we are the best or the tallest.
  12. metalwater

    Military service

    wealthy family will try to have a child in university and follow a direct path to be military management, not labor. enlist is a way for a person this is not wealthy to have a change in life. many structured paths to success and exposure to information the person might not have ever learned...
  13. metalwater

    Have you ever hit a woman?

    nope, all of the women I have been around I can pretty easy grab and restrain. have had to do that before, just need to be careful of the feet and teeth at the same time. I don't, because I believe if I really did I might kill them. I know some guys that punch in the stomach, but it is a...
  14. metalwater

    Power in a relationship and ultimatums about marriage etc

    Disrespectful ones. Can be about almost any topic. Allways something about sex. either she is complaining/avoid, playing dead, or selfish. A common theme and a simple way to understand and measure. Always the man is in doubt/question about what the issue is. Usually, man can not figure...
  15. metalwater

    Power in a relationship and ultimatums about marriage etc

    good job. why do they want a house, is it really that they plan to take it, or is it a status competition with other women? clearly other dudes will not care if she owns a house or not...