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Recent content by metalwater

  1. metalwater

    Save yourself before its too late.

    your comments and writing is a measurable part of that. both style and content.
  2. metalwater

    Save yourself before its too late.

    I can see why that would be the idea. but no, never any violence from me to her. I think most other men would have smacked her more than once. either to pride or shame, I did not. I held onto the boy scout/superman frame.
  3. metalwater

    Save yourself before its too late.

    I was trying to think of what to tell that could be useful and at the same time be believable. Some of the things I have seen/done/ just are not believable, even to me. This is the highlight. I can't say if I recommend this path or not because each man will choose what he values. I...
  4. metalwater

    To Get Women it takes

    nope. sorry. if she has a beta provider locked down then she is open for broke-ass alpha. It's what it is. IMHO
  5. metalwater

    Save yourself before its too late.

    I have to think about how to write it and then will do so.
  6. metalwater

    Save yourself before its too late.

    I have also done it. Not sure to be proud of that or embarrassed. Took a couple of years.
  7. metalwater

    Why are Foreign Women so Much Better?

    the stereotype is still in place due to history. You're right that it isn't true in some even many of the places but the perception from generation past is still alive. Korea was not wealthy before, 50 or 60 years ago it was different, like the Philippines but worse... I can remember USA...
  8. metalwater

    Why are Foreign Women so Much Better?

    there are many countries. different quirks from each. for over half a century or more united states has been considered a rich country with a huge middle-class population. women in many countries have been taught that men from the USA are likely wealthy compared to them. it is the same for...
  9. metalwater

    Other guys hitting on date

    True that is. Also wrecking self if doing nothing. It's a double bind.
  10. metalwater

    How to move to entrepreneur if you are paid good salary

    why do you want to do business? in your op, I don't see any reasons of why you want to do it only reasons that it is difficult, and all of those are true that you tell. I own several different types of business and also high paid employment. if you have the brains for high-paid employment...
  11. metalwater

    There's Another Guy in the Picture...

    this advice is 90% of the solution for all things women. I so often see men give this advice to others and then ask the same question for themself. it is like we expect the rules to be different for us vs other men.
  12. metalwater

    I feel like women’s standards are too high

    right.. all of the OTHER men, but not us.
  13. metalwater

    What are the minimum things I should be doing on First dates

    get a cheap small party car. if it gets a dent you don't care. bang around in it and keep the truck safe for road trips and other stuff.
  14. metalwater

    My girlfriend thought meeting up with her ex was a good idea

    depends on what you want. know that this is not a girl with oneitis for you. a girl that sees you as her one and only and admires and respects you completely would NEVER EVER say or suggest this to you and would not want to do it. if you want to keep her as a toy by all means do. do not...
  15. metalwater

    Why doesn't one of you become a femininity coach or online 'how to become more feminine' influencer?

    Understand your idea. It Rocks... the problem as with all things is motivation. why would the man want to... men will do what they have the incentive to do, sales training 101. is it to help other men or to help women or to help himself. to answer that requires knowing what drives...