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Recent content by mattinzane

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    Crypto trading

    We went from an everything bubble to a bear market in everything. If history is any guide, bitcoin will go down 85% like the last bear market to a low of around 10K. And all other cryptos will go down 90 - 100% This happened last time, so I expect it will happen again. I won't be adding any...
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    how to proceed a conversation there

    if a chick touches you, you could playfully say something like "Hey, keep your hands off the merchandise" then if she laughs, introduce yourself "I'm Don" she should respond with her name (if she doesn't ask) you could ask what she is studying. Then say "you seem fun or cool, I'm going to...
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    Is this teasing or just being an ass/jerk?

    If you are going to make a joke like this you need to do it in person, jokingly, playfully, when you are in bed and just teasing her. My ex wife had larger than normal feet for a woman and I used to tease her about it sometimes in bed and she would playfully hit me and we would laugh about it...
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    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    When I was 16, I worked at a nice restaurant as a busboy. One night after closing we were cleaning the place up, this hot waitress that was around 23, said "You are cute, If you were older I would take you back to my place for a drink." I just had no clue what to say at that moment. Another...
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    Chasing sex is still chasing women. (Long vent)

    I don't think it's a good idea to wait more than 1 day to text/call and try and schedule a meet up. The way I see it is the idea of waiting several days and being busy is for after you met up with her and had a good time. If she won't meet up with you then she isn't really interested in you and...
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    How do you deal with other guys competing for the girl, you are intrested in ?

    The best way is to not give a F**k about it. I was at a Dave and Busters for the Super Bowl and the only seat at the bar was next to this cute 40 something chick, I was 43 at the time. Her purse was on the seat, so I asked if anyone was sitting there. She looked at me and said you can sit here...
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    Confusing type of girl....what would your initial assessment be of who she is?

    In these make out sessions are you doing anything more than kissing? With my last LTR before we had sex, we had a few make out sessions in my car at the park, or a restaurant parking lot after dinner. While we were making out I would grab and rub her ass, boobs and even move to pvssy through...
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    Girl says "I'm down, if you're willing to buy me food lol"

    That's why so many men can get upset, we have all been on dates where we thought she was interested, paid for dinner and drinks, or maybe a movie and were blown off days later. If I invite a woman out for dinner or drinks, I am going to pay the tab, at least the first few times anyways. So if it...
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    Old Woman talks about the true nature of women [YouTube]

    it will never go well for you to ask a woman what her problem is, this will always end in a fight. You want to ask things like what do you need? how can I help? Women will usually not directly tell you what they need/want, most women have no clue about their own psychology and they don't even...
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    Hypothetical: you think a girl is a sure thing on the first/second date, but she wants you to pay for an expensive date

    I totally agree. It depends on the circumstances if I know the woman from previous conversations, I tend to be more generous than if I just met her. I met this woman at the bar I frequent regularly and the first time we talked, she bought me a drink, so you never know.
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    Everyone around me is getting married

    That is why it is very important to be with someone who has good character and not just looking for you to take care of them, if you are going to get married. I am divorced and we both agreed to just take what we each had (car, bank acct, retirement acct) and split the stuff we got together...
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    Getting no dates, what am I doing wrong?

    Fast forward to almost the end of the night I managed to isolate her, grab her back and went for the kiss, shockingly she pulled back, I think she is a virgin and don't have a lot of experience with guys? was she nervous? maybe idk. It can be hard to tell why she pulled back, she could have...