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Recent content by Mack Bishop

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    Cut the games!

    dont even question whether she is attracted to you. if you are attracted to her just see how far you can take it.
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    The girl's best friend is a b****

    yes get yourself a new woman
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    The DJ Dark Side: A tale of the broken condom

    tell that ho keep that kid makin babies worldwide *****
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    The Return of The Ex

    yea dont even call her at 4 am unless shes really hot
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    That's chick's profile on myspace.

    its a test she trying to see who gonna have the gull to be an ass and thats the dude that get the ass
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    Landed a date with girl off Match.com

    youre gonna get raped.
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    On Metrosexuality

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    Girlfriend giving TOO much atention!

    so leave her at home
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    Dry City, just ain't feeling it.

    get a hotel room with a jacuzzi days inn & suites pretty cheap
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    Girlfriend giving TOO much atention!

    ignore her text messages and call her a cab from the club
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    "Makes me feel like a school girl"

    hit her with a ruler
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    Just got nexted i guess!

    wtfgay btw animals dont have rape laws
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    she's naked! ...any surprises?

    stretch marks and pubic hair have been my worst encounters thus far along with some beat-the-****-up-*****
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    if u want women do these 3 things:

    anybody got a 3 month trial pass :(
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    Dealing with SHY girls!

    :crackup: @ ^