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Recent content by Machine10033

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    How common are women like this and how should they be dealt with?

    life gets much easier when you stop overthinking and just act. She is a flake.... she has flaked on you.... she has now yelled at you... just pretend she’s dead ??? Don’t say hi.... don’t nod your head.... go to the gym and get your workout in... if she tries to talk to you make sure you turn...
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    So Naked Yoga is allowed now...gynocrazy

    Fck... what if your a grower and not a shower
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    Random accusation that I lied to her

    Her: I’m going to give you a riddle but promise not to look it up” you: I don’t have time for this nonsense! her: You lied to me... You: whatever, give me a text when you grow up... I am too busy for this bs... later! That’s how the exchange should go.... when you play childish games...
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    Dating a neighbor help!!

    I sometimes think these posts are trolls ???how can you be on this site for any length of time and need advice on this? Delete her number... pretend she’s dead... don’t acknowledge her, dont even look at her.... have some respect for yourself. If you want to bang a single mom... go ahead...
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    A dude texted one of our nurses...

    Deez is correct... for whatever the reason the nurses I know have no issues with cheating on their significant other or husbands! Years ago I almost got sucked in by one... she was married... claimed they were separated for a year ... turns out her husband didn’t know that and by separated she...
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    Testosterone is the driving force for all successful and confident, self assured men.

    I know through blood work experiments you can raise your testosterone pretty significantly naturally by getting 8-10 hours of sleep, eating a bodybuilding diet, and thru heavy weight training. My problem has always been the sleep... if I can get those 8-10 hours for a few weeks my...
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    An unprotected start

    Absolutely not... I said the odds of him Knocking up this chick with very brief unprotected sex is almost non existent. I said best to not even risk it because the chick can essentially get knocked up by someone else and try and pin it on you. no where in my post did I say blow it in her.
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    An unprotected start

    In my opinion you have a better chance at winning the lottery than getting her pregnant. Unless your insanely potent ! That being said you don’t really know this girl.... she could get knocked up by some other dude... and depending on your financial situation “ choose” to believe it’s yours...
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    Do you think that so many men being without women is fueling the live-in-car social trend?

    I got stuck on the interstate for 14 hours during a blizzard.... f that.... that’s the closest I will ever come to living in a car
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    Testosterone is the driving force for all successful and confident, self assured men.

    Stovepipe! I have been saying exactly what you just posted for years. Anything masculine is now considered toxic.... Anyway, back to testosterone... I am 40... and a year ago decided to go on optimization therapy. I call it optimization because my levels were ok... I was 605 total test...
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    So can you or can you not date pretty women as an older man?

    i wouldn’t date young..... I would bang young. I’m 40... never had social media, my life is working out, golf, work, hunting, fishing, Han hanging with buddies when I have time... and getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night. At 40 I am in better shape than most 18 years olds. My life is about...
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    How can a passivist channel "aggression"?

    this is something most men need to do.. if you wake up and think something sucks... or it makes you uncomfortable... you need to do that. It’s the only way you grow! I know some seriously tough guys. 1 had an mma contract and was a division 1 athlete. He is an emotional train wreck... could...
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    How can a passivist channel "aggression"?

    The first face looks like a dude that doesn’t workout, avoids the outdoors, and has a less than adequate amount of testosterone. the second is face is a pro athlete. Who obviously work out, practically lives outdoors and probably has a higher than average testosterone level. you don’t need...
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    What does this chick see in me? help me understand mine and her SMV here.(8-9/10 girl met me when I was homeless)

    Who cares what she sees in you? Your living in a van and banging her.... it could be some twisted childhood trauma involving some old dude in a van that’s drawing her to you? Your getting puss so why overthink it? I always say look at the knowns rather than the unknowns. 1) you said she’s...
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    How and when did you discover theses forums?

    2002.. my high school girlfriend had left me destroyed and decided to see other people. I went down a path of self improvement and found this forum. As I was reading I realized I was doing everything wrong... and ate the info up. I got myself shredded after that break up... started...