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Recent content by Machine10033

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    Estrogen Regulator: DIM

    I would recommend blood work every so often even on anti estrogen supplements. I was taking DIM and after a few weeks found my joints cracklings... zero energy, constipated, angry and struggling to get thru the day. My estrogen had bottomed out which feels ten times worse than having low...
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    Israeli experts analyze mRNA COVID vaccines long-term effects

    I think mine had alcohol in it I felt like I had a hangover with a fever for a day.
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    The drawbacks of testosterone

    Worst shape I’ve ever seen him was Rocky 1.... I think that was 1976 lol!
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    The drawbacks of testosterone

    I think the science on testosterone and aging is still evolving. I will use a white tail deer for example. A male buck is driven by testosterone during mating season. They rarely live long enough to see a decline in their testosterone but in studies at wild life sanctuaries where hunting...
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    The drawbacks of testosterone

    The way the world is trending we might all meet an early demise... I plan on releasing as much semen as possible.. would hate to deliberately retain it and get hit by a bus or drunk driver one day!
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    Picking Up A Woman On a First Date

    Yes.... I don’t think I’ve ever had any dates that catastrophic that I couldn’t tolerate spending 15 or more minutes in a car together.
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    What do you think is the reason men go the animalphilia route?

    Wtf .... mental illness.... ??
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    On Buzzfeed - Here Are The Reasons You Need To Add Pegging To Your Relationship

    I’m so out of touch I had to google pegging... now my Internet history is forever tarnished. I had a girl try and tongue my bum.... I donkey kicked her and nearly puked thinking about where else that mouth was... it was over that night !
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    Pentagon Orders Troop Vaccinations for Covid-19

    I remember my dad telling me about getting lined up, given a bunch of pills, and getting a bunch of shots prior to Vietnam. He said he had no idea what they were but didn’t get asked.... but told.
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    The Coronavirus Is Here Forever. This Is How We Live With It.

    I got the vaxx but seriously am getting sick of this. When this fist started they told people that if someone sneezed in an isle of a grocery store that this virus was so contagious it would spread in the entire store. They also had people scared to touch their mail or packages claiming this...
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    Would you ever date a 44 year-old mother of four with two different guys whos hot:)

    Zero chance. I’ve made the mom mistake a few times ( never actually dated) but screwed around and I found that everything they do... is for the sole purpose of branch swinging and securing their next meal ticket. If your the potential branch they will lie about everything.. current...
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    Mental strength

    The key is to change your perception of food. I used to associate food with weight gain. So I would eventually get to a point where I would down regulate my metabolism, I would cut calories until my body could actually retain and gain fat on insanely low calories. I worked on changing...
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    Alone and Marriage

    There are great chicks out there. Some dudes bag and fag them early and they vanish. They are into supporting their family and husbands purpose. You won’t find them out at bars or clubs... they are not looking for a side fling for validation... These girls are gone in their early 20’s. If...
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    Thoughts on what's going on in Afghanistan?

    Lack of competent leadership. America has become a nation of wokeism and being politically correct. Elections are now won by the trendy and hip candidates.... regardless of qualifications. In the military and law enforcement we see promotions based on demographics rather than experience...
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    Dyck Shrinkage During Workouts

    Like others have said your c0ck is the last place that needs blood when exercising. I swam in high school and unfortunately was at the end of the Speedo brief era. You would start practice with a decent bulge and next thing you knew you would be afraid to get out of the pool if the girls...