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Recent content by MacAvoy

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    Starting a relationship

    in other words he said it like this: You should be free as a bird, flapping around, singing, full of joy with life. Women want to trap the bird and throw it in a cage (cage = committment). When birds try to fly into the cage, wouldn't you think something is wrong with that bird? After all, who...
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    anyone pickup callgirls?

    This is a very important point that must be emphasized. There is something different about being with a professional that is far more addictive than a regular women. I've also seen a friend spend thousands and thousands over a short period of time becuase of the addictive nature of it...
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    Found out my dad is cheating on my Mom

    I've seen many friends tell women friend about a cheating spouse and 95% of the time, the women is mad at the friend for bringing this info to light. Its an unfortunate reality that women often place the blame in the wrong spot.
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    GF asks me if I wanted to do a foursome

    She hasn't had a 3some yet, don't worry about that. I'd go for it then relegate her to FB only territory. Don't invest emotionally in an 18 yr old, its a recipe for disaster.
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    Found out my dad is cheating on my Mom

    Never rule out a logically possibility. Maybe your moms VAGINA is broken, maybe she got a disease or something but they don't want to share her broken vagina story with her son and so maybe they have an agreement between the two of them. The point of the story is, it isn't your marriage and it...
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    Hangover Cures

    Pedialyte is the bomb. Its for rehyrdrating dehyrdrated babies. The stuff works wonders.
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    Pook might have been a Freemason

    A person running the matrix wouldn't speak out against the matrix, so your logic is flawed. Go back to studying pook some more.
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    anyone pickup callgirls?

    Your missing the point. Its nothing like McDonald's and if you've ever tried it, you would know. Not everyone can do it. Most of you blokes can't afford it. There is a difference between getting a street walker and a high end call girl, kinda like the difference between McDonald's and a 4...
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    Dating an ex-wife of Mafioso?

    Call up the FBI, if what she says is true, they will pay for your lunch.
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    How to build a social circle

    Alright, we all know that I rely heavily on my social circle for my hunting success. But you need a circle to draw upon, so at the request of legolas, I'm writing a how to thread. The most important thing about building a social circle is that you have to be social. So if your not social...
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    High Endurance commercial

    I like Jophils response as well. My response was more of the humour classical avoidance in a playful way but Jo really takes the sh1t test and turns it on her, great reversal. The OP correlates though to avoiding converstations like never talking about how many partners you've had in the past...
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    High Endurance commercial

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    My Amazing LTR GF has a "Bad Past"

    I honestly feel for you. She isn't giving you bait, I think she honestly loves you and wants you to get over it. However if you go out and have a threesome, I guarantee things will change and there will be a 95% chance, that it will be the beginning of the end of your relationship. Her...
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    Single but Ungameable

    All she needs is a good deep d1cking.
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    Go bare or go home!