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    DC/MD stand up???

    wsup, falls church right here, i'm 28...i go to 5ive, red, ozio, fur...tryna find some people to go to dream on fridays.
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    The Problem of Working Out

    You don't want it bad enough then, that's your only problem. There is no excuse, I knew this one dude at my gym...wife/kid, getting a law degree, worked 2 jobs and still made it to the gym 3 times a week.
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    Is CURVE Men by Liz Claiborne cologne spray any good? :

    I have it and don't care for it, my style's more like Gucci/Envy, Versace/Man, Gurlain/L'Instant, Azzaro/Chrome, Carrera/212 although maybe i'll give it another try.
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    Post workout and alcohol?

    Alcohol post workout will stop muscle growth dead in its tracks.
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    EveryDay Grooming

    I recently switched from electric to blades (closer shave IMO) I use a professional Andis Edger to trim my facial hair (gives awesome sharp angles and str8 lines) I use eye cream with titanium dioxide (deflects ligth) for dark circles, works like magic. Use a cleansing mask on my face...
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    Add sugar to protein shake?

    yea the whole high glycemics post workout is another argument...add more calories to your shake if you're trying to bulk up and are already thin. low glycemic carbs like rolled oats are probably your best bet...some extra virgin olive oil or canola oil can also help pack on good calories and...
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    question for muscular guys...

    DonTrini - i know what ure talking about...my weight shot up and some of my friends who'd been trying to gain were still struggling -- they still are -- and they'd make stupid comments all the time. i actually felt they were hindering my progress as an individual - so i don't hang with them anymore.
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    question for muscular guys...

    that's exactly what i was talking about kaine ... at the top of my bulk when i was fat and didn't know about this website i was like an angry ape but i've grown more laid back and actually love to smile these days.
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    Add sugar to protein shake?

    i used to be a firm believer in this but i believe it's total crap (for me at least). i stopped with the dextrose months ago and have seen no change in my energy levels the next day -- just lower body fat.
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    question for muscular guys...

    any replies would be great. years ago i weighted 120 and have put on some good mass but never really changed my attitude, wondering what other people have experienced.
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    question for muscular guys...

    just wondering what kind of attitude the muscular guys have in social situations around women -- does anyone try to 'soften' their image and look less intimidating or do you go straight ahead with a dominant attitude? basically, does having a dominant attitude with muscle come off as too...
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    ur favorite way to start a conversation with a woman?

    Given you have your act together and are well presented and confident it really doesn't matter how you start a conversation. as long as you don't start a convo without first establisihing eye contact something like "hi" usually works for me. otherwise... Gym: "are you doing shoulders...
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    Pec question

    Dr squat's correct; you're physique is imbalanced -- front heavy -- and your back cannot support the weight. you need to attain balance and work the back, hell, just work your entire body like a real man.
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    healthy ways of releasing anger

    finding an outlet for your anger can help momentarily but it is best to identify the source and deal with your issues.
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    Prep Is Back

    i walk my own path, pioneer new looks, create new styles...but i'm sincerely glad you're happy with the prep look, although i dislike social labels.