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Recent content by lebRambo

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    Yell And Scream!!

    This is the saddest thing I have read in ages. What happened to this forum?
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    My First Attempt at a new life

    Hey there mate. First off, the LIFETIME average for western countries for a male is 6, so you are doing alright ;) Secondly, the indicator of AFCness is most definitely NOT how many women you have slept with. It is the way you look at and carry yourself in relation to the rest of the world. Do...
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    Developing A "Gut Feeling"

    I think a more fundamental question besides "do I have a gut feeling about this girl?" is "why not just open her and who cares if she is not interested?". Think about it this way (as a logical guy ought to): in this situation, what are the variables? Her, you, the weather, anything else that...
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    Gay Parents

    This whole 'children have to be raised by a man and woman or else society will break down' paranoia is nonsense. Every argument against adoption by gay couples is flimsy at best, and outright homophobic at worst.
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    Capoeira! :)

    no, I don't think it would do much good as a self defense system
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    Capoeira! :)

    I haven't seen that movie, so I don't know. Capoeira is a brazilian martial art, that looks a lot like a dance as well as a martial art style. Search for some videos on youtube.
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    Capoeira! :)

    Hey guys, I started doing capoeira about a month ago, and I gotta tell you, I feel like an AXE! :) Better fitness, MUCH stronger, leaner, more toned, more flexible, more stamina, endurance, etc. Plus its so much fun (and a great way to meet hot, fit brazilian girls ;)) Seriously...
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    I'm Getting Real Frustrated!!

    so how is the alternative working out for you?
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    Fun and different things to do with your woman

    Rollerblading in the park with some passionfruit sorbet :) Learn an instrument together. Teach her to play some game that you like like Guitar Hero. In her mind, it will mean more because you are sharing an activity that you would otherwise do yourself
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    Take the word slut...

    I agree. At best, it is unhelpful in the quest to get laid. At worst, downright destructive.
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    Sluts as Girlfriends?

    Its terms like 'slut' and '*****' that make pvssy harder for us with game to get. If you aren't ashamed of being a sexual, healthy person then why should any girl?
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    Am I being too mean to my gf?

    have you ever noticed that women only call they're boyfriends a$$holes and decide they can do better AFTER they have decided to break up with them? I think you should be okay if you tone it down a little
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    LR: Wait...WHAT?!

    haha, yeah thanks guys :) I didn't know where I stood with this originally, but glad sh*t worked out. funny story, either way :)
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    LR: Wait...WHAT?!

    Hey guys, I got a funny little LR for you guys today. Over the weekend, I went to Sydney to attend a friend's 22nd birthday party. I've known this guy through another friend who is now housemates with the birthday boy, the host of the party. I was on point the whole afternoon, chatting...
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    How exactly do you know when a girl is into you?

    remember: assume attraction until proven wrong! its up to her to tell you, through actions and body language, that she isnt into you. until then, assume attraction.