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Recent content by Kotaix

  1. Kotaix

    Women in my generation (21) do not like masculine men. They like prettyboy twink f4ggots

    This is what is happening with the younger generation to a good extent. Kids nowadays all want to be youtube stars and influencers, and most of them are cringe. Part of your problem is that you're looking at tiktok, OLD and social media as if that is the entirety of humanity. You shouldn't be...
  2. Kotaix

    When a woman isn't busy, she will use her free time to create drama

    Trashy women from broken homes need drama. It's exactly as Kirth says, drama was the only way they could get attention from their deadbeat parents when they were growing up. Trash breeds trash.
  3. Kotaix

    Let’s Get an HB Rating

    Nice body, but fake lips are gross. I'd rate her a 7 tops.
  4. Kotaix

    Should I even contemplate moving in with her?

    I was reffering to the actual joint purchase of a house, not just living together.
  5. Kotaix

    A good girl vs. a good girl that loves sex

    A good girl that loves sex is better than a good girl who pretends she doesn't like sex, or worse, actually believes that she doesn't. Her: "What does she have that I don't?" Him: "Suction"
  6. Kotaix

    Single mothers in the Philippines

    This is the case in latin america too. If a girl gets pregnant outside of wedlock, her parents will usually help raise the kid. I think it's way better for the child to be in this kind of situation than being raised by a single mother living on her own, children need constant attention from...
  7. Kotaix

    Have to be a Top 20% male to have success on Bumble/Tinder/Hinge?

    If you want to get ahead on OLD, and you're only interested in banging, just lie in order to get their attention. Even if it doesn't work, at least you're trying something new and will learn something. Swiping apps are a massive waste of time.
  8. Kotaix

    Should I even contemplate moving in with her?

    Does this cause you to cross the line as far as common law goes in your jurisdiction? Be very careful of going into a financial commitment with a woman because it can be the legal equivalent of getting married. Should you move in with her is a question only you can answer really. Do you like...
  9. Kotaix

    To those who love to travel:)

    Use OLD in the cities you visit. Leave your profile in english. You'll get matches just for being a foreigner.
  10. Kotaix

    Did I not say their would be another matrix!

    I went to see this because tickets were free just to see how bad it was. My girlfriend's comment while watching the credit scroll while waiting for the post-credits scene was "It took this many people to make such a bad movie?" It's not so much bad as it is utterly boring. One of the people in...
  11. Kotaix

    Not sure about this woman.

    She's a waitress, single mother and her kids are at her place of work? She probably is quite into you, but you really need to see that she's desperately looking for a worthwhile man and she probably doesn't have much going on upstairs either. You can bang her, but never allow yourself to get...
  12. Kotaix

    Immersion: Learning a Foreign Language by Yourself

    The best possible way to learn a language well is to go to the country and be forced to speak it. I took 6 months of german prior to going to germany. My teacher actually asked me if I had ever learned german before because I picked it up so fast. But when I got to germany, I couldn't have a...
  13. Kotaix

    Hot chick has made over 100K selling jars of her farts...WTF?

    This is peanuts compared to what the japanese have been doing for decades. This is cultural appropriation!
  14. Kotaix

    Help a mature brother decide

    There's nothing wrong with dating women in their 40s. They tend to be raised better than younger women. If she turns you on, she turns you on. OP, I'd say give it a shot because she's so high interest. Just keep your eyes out for signs of crazy.
  15. Kotaix

    Self-improvement "for yourself"

    If you woke up tomorrow and found everyone else had vanished, you'd have to do some hardcore self-improvement if you wanted to stay alive longer than a year. You'd have to learn how to grow food and accomplish everything else that you take for granted that other people do for you. But I do...