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Recent content by Kotaix

  1. Kotaix

    What psychological mind fvcks, or emotional clusterfvcks have you used?

    If you play with fire you'll get burned. You can't embody dark triad traits without them essentially staining your soul. I think this is a far worse outcome than getting hurt. The problem with behaving like this is that you'll attract trashy and/or crazy women. Which is fine if you just want a...
  2. Kotaix

    how to stop needing to be liked?

    Stop expecting anything in return for things that you do. Stop being ashamed of who you are.
  3. Kotaix

    Getting her friend to vouch for you

    It only works if the friend doesn't find you attractive but she appreciates that you're a standup guy. I don't think it would work very well if you're approaching random groups of multiple women. At best it's an approach to use with women who shoot you down.
  4. Kotaix

    College Students Are Oversensitive Pansies

    Cultural appropriation is just wokespeak for shut up and keep to your race.
  5. Kotaix

    Substance abuse problem...

    It's up to you to just say no. Stop buying beer to have a home. If you don't have the product, you can't drink it.
  6. Kotaix

    Innate response to not get alpha widowed?

    Hypergamy is a survival strategy. Women cannot compete with men, they know that men are the providers and will look for the best one they can. Women who want to stay alive, and want to keep their children alive, need to be able to switch allegiances to as hypergamy dictates. This isn't...
  7. Kotaix

    Cosplay Apparel

    Most serious cosplayers make their own. But with that in mind you'd probably be able to find things on etsy and have them custom made.
  8. Kotaix

    When she is into star signs and astrology

    You're not going to change her mind on astrology, don't even bother trying to reason with her. You can ask questions to see if she's actually spiritual (good thing), or if she's just a moron. You don't calibrate your game. You let things play out without trying to control the situation. If it...
  9. Kotaix

    Brittany gets almost a decade behind bars

    You'll probably be fine as long as you don't BREAK THE FVCKING LOCAL LAWS. But wokies love to break the law because they're used to getting away with it.
  10. Kotaix

    The One that changed Everything

    I've sort of had this situation. She became available while she was living in another city. Now she's married and with kids. But living life with regrets is just a recipe for misery. I don't think any man should get access to a woman that he puts on any kind of pedestal, because that's...
  11. Kotaix

    So how are you fellow Americans handling the high cost of housing?

    I agree that the market is going to crash soon. The value of houses has been inflated beyond all reason, mostly by blackrock and other corporate fvcksticks buying houses out from under regular people.
  12. Kotaix

    Is it wrong for a 30+ year old man to be attracted to girls in their late teens?

    It's instinctual. Women of that age are the most fertile and have developed fully so that pregnancy isn't as dangerous to them.
  13. Kotaix

    The future of Man

  14. Kotaix

    At what age did you get fed up of drinking alcohol ?

    I've never gotten into lush mode because I hate being drunk and hangovers suck.. If I get past a certain level of drunkenness, I puke. This holds true for most toxic food as well. The gf and I drink ****tails almost daily, but it's for the flavor and the craft. I even make my own liquors. But...
  15. Kotaix

    The truth about Ukraine is finally starting to come out

    Or the sh!tstorm that is coming for the US when it comes to food shortages due to their shortsighted actions.