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Recent content by Korrupt

  1. K

    Smiling dating app-killer acquitted

    She's a GD murderer and should rot. Also, do NOT google image her. She's a legit 1/10. Disgusting. I'd almost rather die than bang "her".
  2. K

    I got flaked on.........and its no big deal

    Flaky women never change. She was flaky 1.5 years ago and guess what? Still a fukin flake. What a surprise. I personally would have ignored her excuse text or just said "all good," then deleted her number. If she ever hit me up again I would only go for a date at my place, AND double-book it...
  3. K

    See, the real problem with OLD is that you HAVE to date down

    Yes, there are rarities where you get lucky and date someone at your level or higher, but not often. I consider myself an 8 on my "good/best days" and my OLD pics portray me as an 8-8.5. It's easy for me to pull 6's and below, but I'm not willing to sleep with <=6's unless they, for example...
  4. K

    Even in small-time business transactions, women are dumb kunts

    Aside from dating, where I've been ghosted hundreds of not thousands of times, I sent this lady on Facebook marketplace a message about buying something she was selling and offered her $150. She says "yes" to my offer, then when I asked if I could pick it up today at 3pm just left me on read...
  5. K

    How to proceed after this flake?

    I think you're fine at the moment. Don't overthink it. The last time she cancelled she hit you up, and this time she was willing to reschedule immediately and essentially reciprocated another day. If she would've said "I don't know" or "I'll have to let you know" when you offered wed/thurs, then...
  6. K

    This is why you can't trust women and should double/triple books dates if possible

    Wish I had the emotional capacity to do that. I hate flaking so i try to never do it to anyone. Also, if I've been seeing one girl, setting up dates with others makes me feel like a manwh0re and like it's bad karma. Even though I know the girl is probably talking to other guys. I guess I'm...
  7. K

    This is why you can't trust women and should double/triple books dates if possible

    Had a hookup date with a new girl (22 y/o) setup for this afternoon. Three hours later I ask for her address and she just says "plans changed I can't hangout. maybe next week". This chick just last night sent me 15 nude pics, told me her parents would be gone all weekend, and was totally dtf...
  8. K

    Products for thinning

    Finasteride, dutasteride, minoxidil, and ketoconazole shampoo are the only meds that truly help with hairloss
  9. K

    How to proceed after this flake?

    Good stuff. But there's both good AND bad news with this chick.. She's rebounding. Obviously pretty hard. It's normal, but do NOT get attached emotionally. You have an "advantage" because you're her first hookup since her relationship ended, and it seems like she likes you, but she IS going to...
  10. K

    How to proceed after this flake?

    All this talk, but we all know only about 1% or less of the dudes on this forum are actually actively "spinning plates".
  11. K

    How to proceed after this flake?

    You all must get off on posting stupid sh!t like this. Chicks aren't always banging other dudes as much as you all seem to think. Why do you think there are forums full of sexually frustrated me like this one all over the internet?
  12. K

    How to proceed after this flake?

    Because it's extreme. A girl flaking once and you deleting her number, especially after she just came over and you banged a week earlier, is extreme. Flaking three times in a row? Fair. But once? Come on... This is just going to breed missed opportunities. Believe it or not, persisting has...
  13. K

    How to proceed after this flake?

    Jesus the advice on this forum is horrendous. Just hit her up in a week. If she ends up hitting you up first--even better.
  14. K

    Word to the wise... If you don't close (sex) on the first date, don't bother looking for a second.

    It seemed like anti-slut defense to me. And she's obviously an immature low-quality human being overall. She was obviously interested that night--she LET me drive her home and INVITED me into her home. I didn't push for ANYTHING and I didn't even ask to come into her house.
  15. K

    Word to the wise... If you don't close (sex) on the first date, don't bother looking for a second.

    Asked her out for sushi. Told me she "doesn't see this going any further" and that inviting me in (to her house/bed) was a "bad call" on her part when she "thought about it after the fact" and "it's more of a me (her) thing". I didn't respond after that. Figured if I picked her brain more she'd...