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Recent content by kavi

  1. K

    Do all women lose respect?

    Your frame is slipping. You shouldnt be treating a girl badly and but I dont think this is the issue here. It looks like you are losing frame as the relationship is progressing. In the relationship, whenever her behaviour changes for the worse, you need to withdraw immediately, but it looks...
  2. K

    Woman desire men for there resources........

    This is how I see it from my personal experiences. Most women, like Men, want Romantic Love, Attraction, Feelings etc and fundementally this is the main driver in relationships. This is not really something a woman ca get out of cos it will be very hard for a woman to stomach being with a man...
  3. K

    The Appeal of a Traditional Life

    Men dont have children, only women have children. We all want to be around and within a COMMUNITY, that includes children, women, older people, friends, all brought together by a common good, friendship, morality, belonging, happiness etc. Traditional (Nuclear) Family and Community are pretty...
  4. K

    "Qualifying" Myself

    A woman 'qualifies' herself somewhat differently to a guy. Say you are talking to her and you as a guy say something like "I dont like it when women do X" or "I like women who do Y" or "I like Z" etc etc then she will say "I NEVER do X", "I love Y", "Z is cool" etc. When men attempt to...
  5. K

    When you’re talking to way too many fashion models

    Not ever taking advice on girls from a 20yr old.
  6. K

    lets cut through all the garbage on sosuave---human relationships are dysfunctional

    I disagree only on the point that we cant have 'Civilization' in the Communal system. The Communal system can better organise skills and resources at a local level and women being more free they can 'reward' good men who contribute and do well for the community with love and sex.
  7. K

    lets cut through all the garbage on sosuave---human relationships are dysfunctional

    If you go into a market where workers are working for a pittance, and you as a worker are unwilling to accept that, then you have no option but to disengage from that market. In todays world there are still men playing into womens ego by providing money, simping etc, so those guys are the...
  8. K

    lets cut through all the garbage on sosuave---human relationships are dysfunctional

    Most men cant lead modern independant women. Leading women is like leading people in general, it can only be done by 'Alpha Males'. That might be 1 in 10 or 1 in 20 guys in real life. Back in the day any tom **** or harry with a job (farming, factory, whatever) could marry and have a wife of his...
  9. K

    lets cut through all the garbage on sosuave---human relationships are dysfunctional

    The problem is Marriage. We need to move away from the Marriage system asap. Live like animals cos we need to go back to basics. When something is as broken as this, you cant keep patching it up, you need to get rid of all social constructs (marriage etc) and go back to basics. Talking...
  10. K

    Why am I ghosting women.

    With girls 30+ if they are into you, you can be that guy they can marry and live with and have kids. You play for polygamy and get a group of them together and that can be the goal. Otherwise what are you doing just looking to get laid?
  11. K

    Best gym opener ever, will it work... ?

    You can try it out but I dont like it personally. IMO the best openers especially in gym/social circle situations where the person has already seen you around and possible given IOIs is the most simple and low effort opener, like go and say hi and then the most basic low effort convo. Sort of...
  12. K

    This is why you don't let chicks lead

    I have an issue with many of the responses here. Most guys are all about the sex, the problem is, women get that, and that makes them mistrust men cos they think men just want that and not much else, its a trust thing. I dont think the perspective here that men should just be trying to get laid...
  13. K

    Should I bother chasing wealth if I don't want to start a family?

    You dont need it, especially at 29. Just do what you enjoy and are passionate about and enjoy life with less pressure. Guess what most guys can and do make most of their money later in life (40+) so dont be like the typical Western guy who thinks he needs to be pushing the wealth thing hard...
  14. K

    Got played again

    Bro these women today are cold af especially the younger ones with their **** tests and whatnot. It looks you they are playing you too hard man, all you can do is play back like a mf. No one said this **** is gonna be easy. Bruh trust me I have experiences with these types of girls it is all...
  15. K

    Rents reach ‘insane’ levels across US with no end in sight

    Boomers are basically getting the younger generation to pay for their success. This is primarily a generational thing imo.