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Recent content by kavi

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    Final proof that Tate is a cuck and only gets golddiggers for a expensive night out.

    I feel sorry for any guy taking life or Game advice from Tate. He's not the guy he is making himself, or people may make him out to be. He is good at online marketing though if thats your thing. To be fair to him though, I dont he think he ever states he has high-level Game or knows about...
  2. K

    the black pill - dont neglect the blue pill

    I also noticed the trend that guys are not complaining about being friendzoned much these days, and yes it was the main thing about 20 years ago. The whole friendzone thing was just that this was the first generation for whom 'dating' and relationships was a kinda free for all. It was also at a...
  3. K

    Why is it that white-knights are usually good looking and men who don't take women's **** aren't?

    I dunno if anyone follows poker, but there was this huge controversy recently. A new female player, in a male dominated game, came on, very 'feminine' ie makeup, style, personality etc and not a typical or good player by most peoples standards. Just look like a woman with money and personality...
  4. K

    Club / Bar game observations

    Also, UK vs US.
  5. K

    Club / Bar game observations

    It's not ****ery, its normal. Clubs and Bars are dark places where traditionally men have gone to run low-qaulity game on women and try to get a quick lay. Why are women going to play into that? Also, its dark and loud and people are drunk, strangers, maybe on drugs, maybe with bad intentions...
  6. K

    Jesse Pinkman's approach/field reports thread.

    Yeah for me for sure. Atleast I would try it out if I got results but the difficulty woiuld be in finding the appropriate venues. Ideally you wanna go at daytime, when it less busy, or earlier in the evening, not when its busy and people dont know each other. I feel alot more confident with...
  7. K

    Jesse Pinkman's approach/field reports thread.

    Definitely agree that work sucks. For men to do better with women and relationships, and generally emotional and mental well-being we really need to be in more of a socialism type of world where jobs are easier and less stressful. The interplay between work/career and women/love for men is...
  8. K

    Girls didn't reply to message

    From the txt convo these girls are definitely not interested in you. When you see them again just be polite and normal, or ignore them, best not to try again here atleast not until you get some IOIS cos by the txt exchange these girls are really not interested.
  9. K

    Jesse Pinkman's approach/field reports thread.

    Re: Social groups and social 'circle'. This is what I would do if I wanted to meet new women and build a kind of social group. Find a bar or some kind of meetup or social place where there are regular people and girls and maybe some guys. Its not about being in one tight or closed off social...
  10. K

    Just Realized I Don't Like Dating. Is There A Way To Change This?

    Dating sucks. Men should really look at other avenues to spend time with women rather than play this stupid game. The best date is probably a walk in a park. Social groups, parties are the best way to spend time with women imo. If you can get a woman to really like you without going out with...
  11. K

    status trumps masculinity

    Competing with other guys and being above them is super easy. I've never met a guy a girl I know has wanted more than she wanted me. No other guy has ever upstaged me afaik for any woman I know. You need to understand I am really not competing with other guys at this point, I am mostly...
  12. K

    status trumps masculinity

    I dont really know where this thread is going but this was interesting post I wanted to respond to. There is a lot of confusion about what is really Masculine and Feminine. In reality we are all ONE. Men are generally bigger, stronger and smarter than women. However, what is often seen as...
  13. K

    Do you think women who dress provacatively try to cover up when a low-tier male is nearby, as they are dressing only to benefit high-tier males?

    Women do that to make you feel bad. They know they have certain body parts that when dressed a certain way will attract the male gaze. When the male looks they will act like they are good girls and you shouldnt be looking or see. It is just manipulation to put men down and make them feel like...
  14. K

    status trumps masculinity

    Look bro, I think the type of guy you have in your head as an Alpha Male is the male equivalent of a booty call. Men will bang dumb sluts with big butts and tits but they are not high-value women. In the same way women will bang muscle-bound aggressive dudes but that is not an Alpha Male. Get...
  15. K

    status trumps masculinity

    This is completely wrong. Alpha Male= Women want you long term and will ****-test and play games. Beta Male= You will get casual sex more easily. It may sound counter-intuitive but easy sex mostly goes to beta males. Guys have high notch counts are gonna be beta males for the most part. Alpha...