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Recent content by Kataface

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    Other guys hitting on date

    I definitely need to re-establish my boundaries with relatives. I would let things slide in the past to keep the peace with relatives, but I really think it was the wrong move now. Some relatives are just toxic and shouldn't be treated with respect if they don't give you any. They take advantage...
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    Other guys hitting on date

    Some really good answers and a lot to think about. It's true that people will always make passes at an attractive woman. Why did I get insecure? I think I was angry because I felt disrespected. They were insulting me by acting like that. Like they were saying we can do this in front of you...
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    Other guys hitting on date

    Hi everyone, I was looking for advice on how to deal with other men hitting on the woman you are with right in front of you. I had brought a woman I was dating to a little get together. My cousin was there and he was making passes at her all night. His friend did the same. I was angry but wasn't...
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    Thanks, everyone! Some really good guidance.
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    Hi Everyone, I wanted to get advice on this. I have read that if a woman responds positively to some kino that is good. If she backs away or something like that it is bad, but what does no reaction mean? You hold her hand and squeeze it but she doesn't pull away or squeeze back. You touch her...