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Recent content by JustDoItAlways2

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    Exhausted dealing with crazy ex that I work with

    The best method to disarm the cluster B's is called the Grey Rock Method. Basically, you avoid the person (almost like No Contact but don't go out of your way to make it obvious), never let them get to you, act as boring as possible and they will eventually move on to someone else and leave you...
  2. J

    She went cold all of a sudden few days after a wonderful date.

    A 32 year old guy CAN date a 20 year old girl. But you have to understand the "contract" first. She will be dating you for new experiences, to spend some time with a mature guy, to act like an adult on dates, maybe go on a trip to Vegas. You are NOT going to be in a relationship beyond that...
  3. J

    Dropped a plate

    Never burn a plate. Just keep them in the background for when your plate number gets low. Reliable DTF plates are not easy to replace. I once phoned a girl who I hadn't talked to in over a year. After a few minutes of chit chat, she says "do you want to come over?"
  4. J

    Conflicted. Should I look for strong interest sign OR not care and ask her out anyway? ? ( Book of pook says looking for a sign is chick thinking)

    Tip #1, #2 and #3. #1. You can get a girl to at least think about your potential by just "checking her out". You know, girls notice when you are checking them out, making it clear you are interested in them even if it across a bar, at the office or at a party and you haven't even spoken yet...
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    Should I be in a relationship?

    When you find a gorgeous girl that is really into you, is treating you right and giving you lots of great sex, you know what you do? You just go with it. Do you know how rare that is. Now you feel that you are getting smoothered too much. Just fix that. Give yourself some space, plan a...