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Recent content by just another newb??

  1. J

    to focus on yourself can lead to loosing love for yourself.

    Twisted and beaten by life I pull on my training dress and go for a jog. It feels like there is a million little dwarfs beating inside my head as I get out of door and make my first steps into the morning. Life seems hopeless, iv lost all faith, no meaning no point. But it gets better with...
  2. J

    The paradox of feeling good

    Could it be that the meaning of life is just to feel good, possible but this is not what i want to talk about. We all want to feel good and we can be very egoistic when trying to reach that goal. QUESTION: When do you feel better A) When your friend tells a great joke and you and all...
  3. J

    how do we actually change

    I would appriciate if you would tell your ideas or agree with mine but as far as I understand the process, it goes like this it all starts with motivation -} -}search for info(most important as I find it difficult myself which things to take as useful or not) -} -}think(example. you...
  4. J

    PROBLEM: the focus is entirely on you vs focus is on the present world around you

    hey its a great response...but i probably sucked giving you the right context. the thing that has been bothering me is when the focus is on you, you tend to analyze and think how you are doing or what you are supposed to do, when the focus is on you then true it is very easy to learn from...
  5. J

    Having standerds that are too high. Is worst form of ego.

    good replies but off point...i guess you are just afraid of getting your ego hurt, so you wont give ur 100% to get it with the girl.
  6. J

    PROBLEM: the focus is entirely on you vs focus is on the present world around you

    Thank you for listening my friends. In faith i turn to you because i believe there are wize and smart dons who could give me some direction. I am on a tough cross-road here, and im not quite sure which is the right road. on these boards it is mostly tought that the focus must always be on...
  7. J

    dressing to impress

    sad, that i still cath myself thinking like that from time to time. What is happening here is your ego leaving itself a back-door to escape when it gets confronted. It is the fear of rejection and fear of not being accepted at its worst because you will never give your 100% in fear of failure...
  8. J

    Illuminate the Room With Confidence

    absolutely agree with the inner energy thing, you can do or say anything if it flows congruent with your inner energy. If you can connect yourself with the sorce of power, it will feel like as if god(or whatever) is taking care of everything and you jus cannot fail. great post
  9. J

    I'm Going to Change Your Life- Best Thread in a long time

    I agree...looking at this post you can definately say that this forum is taking a turn for the worse. I appreciate ur effort, and its great that you have read mysteris e-book and translated it into here but this forum can only be great if people come up with new ideas...and plz not the...
  10. J

    dont make the same mistake, all of us here are getting off course

    We are off course my fellow Don Juan’s. Lately I have sadly been involved in all sorts of social games. Maybe it’s because I am probably really down on my game and confidence at the moment but I can feel my self getting stronger and more secure everyday, even though I might not show it. There...
  11. J

    diamonds vs balloons

    I encountered an interesting thing today. To no suprise I am still far from being my true self. I have listened to many audio tapes on spiritual material and Tony robbins and read some great articles from sosuave and elsehwere and one theme that kept coming up was that You do not have to prove...
  12. J

    advice needed on eyecontact

    i belive eyes are the most powerful weapons if you learn to use them correctly... more advice needed about my question above please
  13. J

    advice needed on eyecontact

    When i first found this site I started to force eye contact with everyone on the street. At first i must have been a total creep :D but soon i found out that almost all people cannot hold eyecontact and tend to look right away when they have caught your glance. I always used to look children...
  14. J

    Going Steady

    on the giving vs taking part I belive we are all born here to be contributers. The point that is missed is that the "doormat" isnt usually a genuine giver because he always has an outcome in mind. Either boosting his self-esteem, gaining accpetance etc. Our purpose here on this planet...