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    can ignoring her enough get her to invite you round?

    two dates and three weeks later she contacts you? i'd ignore and move on.
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    HB 9's with horrible personalities

    thats your personal decision to make youre the one who will have to put up with her not us lol...but dont be surprised down the road if this stuff that bothers you now will create more drama for you as you see signs right now.
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    Am I handling this well?

    seems like you have everything figured out. but i agree with the majority here you strike while the iron is hot and you are too formal with conversation. you say you want to wait and give her time and she knows that you want to **** her. but you dont know that man. actions speak louder than...
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    Not Attracting the Women I am Attracted to

    it's very interesting and can tell you from 2 different sides(large guy side and not so large guy) lol. i think i'm an ok looking guy and have attracted 6's and 7's and the more attractive ladies well it's the same as you. when i was overweight there was a time i'd be more sociable go out with...
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    Why Do Exes Feel The Need to Reach Out to You After...

    immediately after not 1 year 2 years or even more
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    Why Do Exes Feel The Need to Reach Out to You After...

    depending on the woman there are several reasons... they're bored, they want/miss attention, they want to torture you by wanting to know they can still have that affect on you and as soon as you tell them you have feelings for them still they immediately pull away, they want to hear that you're...
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    Looking All American Abercrombie Fitch vs looking Exotic

    lolwut. it's all personal preference to the girls hugh heffner gets mad *****es
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    Dumping A Hot Woman!

    yup i had a girl like that too. as soon as she knows she has you, by you telling her you love her and sharing your feelings, she no longer feels she has to chase you and work to keep you.
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    I have given up all hope

    you're 18 still young. you will get more rejections too. i'm sure everyone does. but you know what? you're one step ahead though because you are actually approaching. some guys don't even do that! fail forward. at least you tried instead of wondering what everything else you need to...
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    How to keep this girl chasing?

    co-sign. let her be the one to bring up relationship. women will value what they have to work hard and chase after.
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    Made a MAJOR mistake! help!

    you sent flowers to her for apologizing to you about leaving you for another guy ...yes big mistake. find a quality woman worthy of your time. she decided to leave instead of work it out with you. don't even consider getting back with her. have some self respect as others have said. what she...
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    My girlfriends ex is begging for her back

    you wont listen to anything we say. your mind is already made up. sometimes people need to learn the hard way so you should take her back and continue this cycle you two have for each other
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    What do I do? (Dating Advice)

    she just lost a close family member. obviously it's not only you who she's not answering she just probably needs time to grieve and if you meant something to her she would come around in time. stop forcing a relationship or status with her. nothing good can come out of that. if she forgets about...
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    My girlfriends ex is begging for her back

    too late you already told her that. i'd say the relationship is done. not sure that's the best advice you could give to someone that went through some **** like she did unless you went through the same thing in your life.
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    cashier game

    take her away from the register by asking her to help u find a product or something like that then talk with her