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Recent content by JohnChops

  1. J

    Letting other girls down/LJBF?

    Yep, just friend zoned her and that’s that.
  2. J

    Letting other girls down/LJBF?

    Because I dont want to anymore. lol @Lookatu I could do that, and that does work but seems like way too much work. @Focal core might give that a try thanks man
  3. J

    Letting other girls down/LJBF?

    Question. How do you just break it off with plates you are seeing? Especially if you have to see them a few times a week (not at work but just around)? Bring up the lets just be friends card? Or just stop contacting them all together.
  4. J

    When she pulls back.

    ^^this. Girls are going to do random sh1t and you can spend time trying to analyze it (and go crazy) or just accept it and not let it bother you. At the end of the day, does she 1) say yes to your date ideas? 2) fvck you? If she does the above 2, her attraction is there and the rest is ****...
  5. J

    It all comes down to this

    Relationships, of any kind, are give and take. Why be in ANY relationship of the other person isn't helping you in some way? That way can be anything btw.
  6. J

    Is this a shyte test? How to react?

    Ya I wouldnt have just outright said that. I would've toyed with her and made it more fun. Just blurting out "I wana bang" is so fvcking boring, and ruins the whole thing. Slowly escalate, make it exciting.
  7. J

    Why do I keep getting Oneitis for every Girl I date?

    GO for all of them or none at all. If you're spinning multiple plates at once, you'll never get oneitis because youll always be looking to add and never settle.
  8. J

    Perfect is boring (a conversation with two girls)

    Thats the money right there @Spaz. Starting to realize how being unpredictible, somthing as simple as if you always hagnout on a Saturday to hangout on a Wednesday can even spice things up and keep them interesting. Always keep em guessing, never let them know what you're going to do next. Are...
  9. J

    Perfect is boring (a conversation with two girls)

    As stuff starts to open up where I'm at I decided to take a plate out to a bar down the shore, we met up with my two female cousins who reserved a table. One is in a relationship and the other is not. The one in the relationship has been in said relationship for 7 years, her boyfriend does not...
  10. J

    Don’t be so afraid of the friend zone..

    100% this. its the difference between the guy who does not give 1 ****, doesnt call or text them, just doesn't care. Vs. the guy texting her every day, spilling his feelings out for her. The later gets the lay, the former gets to jerk off.
  11. J

    Women cant complete you. Kill the thirst

    Agreed with the bold. I loved working on myself for 3 months and just getting after it every day. Sh1t was great.
  12. J

    Your best "turn the tables" text

    best advice in this thread
  13. J

    Do girls want fun all the time?

    We are polar opposites. I’m the ****iest fvck I know, but a throw a piece of humble in there. I’ve seen guys try to do ****y and funny when it doesn’t fit their personality and it just comes off legit mean and not playful.
  14. J

    Do girls want fun all the time?

    agreed. Have her reach out over text for the most part, but I like the60/40 approach (you being 40) because then it doesn’t seem one sided, or if I just want to send something to that particular girl I will. It’s funny you mention ghosting then regaining power, 100% true. I’ve found it’s easy to...
  15. J

    Good friend insists on staying/being friends with my ex-girlfriend...

    that’s my initial thought because the girl wants to know my every fvcking move it seems and what better way than to manipulate a friend. I was thinking about bringing it up to him but I feel like it will go in one ear and out the other.