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Recent content by JohnChops

  1. J

    Keeping your relationship chick (advice from a friend)

    Most guys do not do this because they are insecure themselves and either drag women down below them or keep them down because that would mean "a woman is above me." Those guys are lazy and will always go no where. Guys who have high self esteem,do not bring others down, especially the people...
  2. J

    What’s the most plates you’ve ever spinner?

    5, after that I start mixing them up, texting the wrong thing to the wrong plate. Also, time wise, 5 was a bit of a time sink.
  3. J

    Is she a gold digger?

    This was posted on Reddit AITA lol I knew it sounded familiar.
  4. J

    Feminism is mens fault/ No Fap

    Dude, what happened to bro code? Guys will sell their best friends out for ***** or just a shot at it. Guys are afraid of talking back to a girl or having a spine because that's "sexual harrasment " now... I agree, we have too much power to people who didn't need it and now we are cucked and...
  5. J

    My Game Backfired Last Night

    Women love competition,especially in mating
  6. J

    Girl trying to turn date into a double?

    Being detached is an eye opener. It makes you calm and relaxed. If you always invest too much on these women and care too much, you'll come off as a needy dude. Mountain hasn't been dating this girl, she's another plate. The indifference he showed was well played IMO. On a side note, being...
  7. J

    The Never Ending Text Conversation

    Texting 24/7 kills attraction.
  8. J

    Its that time of year to get back in the gym

    This made me depressed just reading it. I aspire never to be like that. Alot of my training partners are older, in their 30/40s and still bag 20 year olds and never feel old. Those guys just sound like they gave up on life and hate their boring lives
  9. J

    Does (future) wifey wanting to get a big, interracial dildo signify that a man has lost his frame?

    Sometimes slow and steady sometimes absolute rail fest. Feel the moment. However, all ONS get a ground and pound no doubt.
  10. J

    Performance Anxiety

    This happen to me with my current girlfriend. At the time I was mainlining caffeine upwards of 900mg a day. Safe to say when I backed off my d1ck ce back to life lol
  11. J

    UPDATE on girl I took from beta

    If you submit to your girlfriend she will treat you like this. Don't be a ****ing *****.
  12. J

    Attending weddings when red pill is woven into your mindset

    ^^^ that money sentemant is bull**** dude. Imagine wasting 50k on one day. I'd throw up and off myself. I cannot justify spending money on a wedding for a piece of paper and one day just to say I'm married to someone.
  13. J

    Your Best Cold Approach Introduction?

    Whaddddup biiiiiitch
  14. J

    Millennial women midlife crisis 30 (pepper your Angus.. Victimhood tangent in 321!) LULz

    I don't agree with a lot of what you say, however, the dudes playing house after the CC is ****ing funny and true. Man, I see this one chick who married some just basic beer belly balding dude and had two kids. A few years back she was sucking my **** in my car and telling me about her...
  15. J

    I'm tired of her low sex drive, can't ***...thinking about breaking up

    So it depends on the type of acne she has. There are 3 types. Acutaine is reserved for refractory nodular acne. Which is basically those hard nodules with a red base around them. Spironolactone I believe is for inflammatory moderate acne. Actuane does more than angroden receptor modulation it...