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    "too young, has a man, low interest, flakey or playing hard to get"

    At 18 some girls are sheltered and have no experience with the c*ck. Others are seasoned pros. One things for that age they travel in packs. So if she's still behind the times, her friends are for sure too.
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    so she suggested coming to her place...

    The sooner you drop the idea that getting action makes you cool or a better person, the sooner you will get action.
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    It's only sex

    Most women I know just see sex as another activity that's part of life. No different than going for a jog, or sleeping, or playing Halo, except maybe it's a little more fun, and we're more selective with who we do it. I view it the same way. When you were genetically programmed to be...
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    Quality or Quantity

    Brett--Sex is not only an important part of a relationship, it's an important part of life. Say what you will but none of us would've ever stumbled here to the board if such was otherwise. So I'm not saying your 36 year old hero is wrong, but, oh wait, I am. All he was really telling me was...
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    Quality or Quantity

    I'm 22, and my father's 49. We recently had a conversation about something on this general topic. He made it clear to me at a young age he had many girlfriends, had some good sex, and eventually met my mother, who he is still with today after 25 years of marriage. He also told me he could...
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    Just want to share another one of the LJBF

    That's not really a question of how to handle a woman that you love. That's a question about basic human decency which this broad has failed to comply with. She's not a friend, she's not your lover, she's a vagina which you used to f*ck and no longer do. And for whatever reason, you're...
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    Asking a girl out in front of her friend..

    Do it in front of her friend. Yeah, you could find a way I'm sure to catch her all alone one day and go for it, but I'm gonna break it down for you. By the sounds of your post, it sounds like you're a college student probably about 18-20. Here's the truth: IN YOUR ADULT LIFE, YOU WILL...
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    Lancaster, Pa area

    I live in Carlisle. It's like an hour to Lancaster. I went to Millersville so depending on your age I don't know if you're down for college parties and what not but I go down to visit about once a month or so.
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    what a good way to talk ur gf into phone sex lol

    I've always found the most effective method of convincing a high school girl to "f*ck you over the phone" is to go down to walmart, purchase a gun (preferably a shotgun but even a 20 gauge should be fine), and pull it on yourself and fire. No, you won't have phone sex, but we'll all be rewarded...
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    Need some advice on a girl that was totally into me but pulled the LJBF card.........

    If you're not sugarcoating your story then it just sounds more than anything like this girl doesn't have a lot of self-esteem or confidence towards men. You'd definitely have a chance in that case if you play the persistent card. But here's the problem. Girls lie about everything that they...
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    Tell her you want to f**k her???

    I think at some point before you rail a broad you have to either tell her you want to or ask her if she wants to so on and so forth. But I think everyone's missing the big idea. If you've recently met a girl and you tell her you're trying to f*ck, that smells like desperation to me. If...
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    Unavailable but got the number without asking?

    Canadian--Obviously I can choose to call her or choose not to call her. Thank you Issac Newton. Everybody else--Seriously though is the girl just that big a **** fiend that she can't keep em on for her man, or what's up. I don't have a whole lot of experience dating women that are taken...
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    I need help before 600pm

    " you are an AFC." No spax, actually, dude was asking a question, which regardless of whether or not you think has any purpose is something obviously important to him. You however, are a tiny little b*tch for being as small as to belittle someone else behind a keyboard. Lose your denial...
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    Flat out telling a girl you want to hook up?

    You got the right idea bro but you can show a little tact too. Be subtle it's unbecoming to tell someone other than a girlfriend you want to jump her bones. Then again anything with t*ts and a tw*t is liable to do some crazy things so it really doesn't even matter. Do it up Romeo
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    I need help before 600pm

    Visualize the social character you'd like to have and roll with it. Days to improve years to master but when you do it's a beautiful thing. When girls know you're comfortable they flock. Get there